Rowoon’s The Matchmakers Episode 5 Photos: Jung-Woo, Soon-Deok Are Getting Closer SuperNayr

The Matchmakers K-drama will air episode 5 on Monday on KBS. Starring Rowoon and Cho Yi-Hyun, it is a story of two young widowed matchmakers, Sim Jung-Woo and Jung Soon-Deok. 

Jung-Woo is the King’s son-in-law and is ordered to marry off three sisters who crossed their primal age of marriage. He seeks the help of matchmaker Yeo Joo-Daek, who is Soon-Deok in disguise.

In episode 4 ending, Jung-Woo recognized Soon-Deok when she was not in disguise. The upcoming installment promises romantic moments between the lead characters. In the recently released episode 5 photos, Soon-Deok and Jung-Woo lock eyes.

The Matchmakers K-drama Episode 5 release date & time

The Matchmakers Episode 5 will air on Monday, November 13, 2023, at 9.45 p.m. KST on KBS. It will also be available on Viki after its airing on the network.

KBS released a few photo stills ahead of episode 5 release. In the first group of pictures, the first photos are Jung-Woo (Rowoon) and Soon-Deok’s (Cho Yi-Hyun) solo stills. While he seems to look at someone with his intense gaze, Soon-Deok looks surprised in her picture. The third photo features Jung-Woo hiding behind Soon-Deok’s matchmaker version, Yeo Joo-Daek.

The network later unveiled The Matchmakers episode 5 latest set of photos, featuring the lead characters getting closer. The first image has Jung-Woo and Soon-Deok looking deeply into each other’s eyes. The second picture shows him slightly leaning sideways as she tells him something. In the third picture, Jung-Woo seems to be deeply attracted to her while the next photo features her lovingly smiling at him. The final still captures the beautiful chemistry between the lead characters.

The earlier released trailer hinted that Jung-Woo might re-enter Soon-Deok’s life as a tutor. Their respective secrets bring them closer. 

The Matchmakers airs new episodes every Monday and Tuesday on KBS at 9.45 p.m. KST. The episodes are later available on Viki.

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