RipTwitter trends as Elon Musk replaces the iconic Twitter bird with the ‘X’ eyesore SuperNayr

Well, Elon Musk finally went ahead and did it. The iconic blue Twitter bird is no more. Active since 2006, the Twitter logo has undergone some changes throughout the years, mainly to make the design more streamlined and less clunky, but despite all the renovations, the logo remained largely the same. And that’s how we’ve all come to know Twitter.

But last April, Elon Musk initiated an acquisition to take over Twitter, which concluded that same year in October. He’d already begun buying shares of the company in January 2022, then made an unsolicited offer to purchase the company, which Twitter execs initially fought back against with a “poison pill” strategy. However, someone must have been money-hungry that day, as the entire board eventually accepted Musk’s offer unanimously, allowing him to assume control over the app, its functions, and its future.

And that’s how we got to where we are today. Musk has officially swapped out the blue bird for an ugly ‘X’ and ‘Twitter’ isn’t happy about it. Last weekend, Musk announced that the Twitter logo would be changing in correlation with the rebrand, but users who were reluctant to update the app didn’t see the changes implemented until recently.

Now that everyone’s in the loop, it seems to be the common consensus that the new logo is atrocious and well.. they’re not wrong. Soon enough, #RipTwitter began trending and that is still the case. Many ‘tweets’ vary from simple eulogies for the Twitter bird to humorous yet soul-crushing memes. Many depictions of the Twitter bird have seen it unemployed and homeless, whereas others announce its departure from this life. Talk about morbid.

Further comments go for Elon Musk’s throat, implying that the business magnate has “no heart” and “no soul,” only “ego” and “money.” Many users share these sentiments, threatening to discontinue their patronage as long as Musk remains in charge, which seems to be the unfortunate case for the foreseeable future.

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