Rick Ross Reported Live While Neighbor Tyreek Hill’s House Was On Fire, But He Really Just Wanted To Talk About His Wingstop Delivery SuperNayr

The only real reason somebody might not be aware that Rick Ross owns some Wingstop franchises is because they’ve never paid attention to Rick Ross ever. He pushes the restaurant chain pretty much any opportunity he gets, including when his neighbor’s home is on fire.

Ross’ neighbor happens to be Miami Dolphins receiver Tyreek Hill, and yesterday, Hill’s Miami home caught fire. Firefighters responded, and fortunately, nobody was hurt. Also responding was Ross, who shared a video weighing in on the situation from outside the mansion.

He speculated an electrical fire was the cause and commented on the helicopters flying overhead the scene. In another video showing off emergency vehicles outside Hill’s home, parts of Ross’s commentary sounded like a straight-up Wingstop commercial.

“I have some Wingstop wings on the way being delivered, but as y’all can see, they said it was a minor fire,” he said. He noted elsewhere, “As long as everybody’s safe, that’s more important my lemon-pepper wings, my ranch dressing, my roasted corn, trust me.” All that was missing from Ross’ posts were professional product shots showing off a Wingstop meal and the company logo.

Ross, by the way, was wrong about the cause of the fire, as a fire official later confirmed the fire was started by a child playing with a lighter inside the home. Hill was at practice when the fire broke out and he returned home once he was told about the situation.

Hill’s agent, Drew Rosenhaus, also noted, “He and his family are safe. No one was injured, No. 1, no pets, so for that, we’re very grateful. We’re very grateful to the firefighters that put the fire out. Thankfully, the fire was contained to a limited area in the home. Obviously, there’ll be some smoke and water damage. It’s very difficult for anybody obviously to have your home catch on fire, but Tyreek was handling it, he and his family, with as much poise as you could hope.”

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