Renee Zellweger to Reprise Her Role as Bridget Jones in Fourth Film in Popular Comedy Series SuperNayr

Renee Zellweger Bridget Jones Baby

Renee Zellweger Set for Fourth Installment of Bridget Jones

It has been confirmed that Renee Zellweger will star with Colin Firth and Hugh Grant in the fourth film in the Bridget Jones’s Diary series.

Things couldn’t get any more exciting for Bridget Jones fans. Renee Zellweger is coming back in full force in the fourth movie in the franchise. Meanwhile, Hugh Grant will be returning to the series as Daniel Cleaver and Colin Firth will be back as Mark Darcy. Don’t think that just because Bridget Jones (the Oscar-winning Zellweger) was married to Mark at the end of the third picture that the series is over. Far from it. This series is just getting warmed up with a possible final entry that will give all three previous pictures a run for their money in terms of deep romance and comedy.

The Bridget Jones pictures are known for their cutting-edge, witty humor and tender emotions. This fourth installment is, indeed, based on a book. The new movie will be called Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy. Patrick Dempsey, who competed against Colin Firth’s character for Bridget’s affections in the third film, Bridget Jones’s Baby, is apparently not going to be a part of this new production. Instead, the film will focus on the characters played by Grant, Firth and, of course, Zellweger. At the end of that last picture, it was revealed that Daniel Cleaver was still alive in a front page newspaper article right after Bridget married Mark.

Filming on the new upcoming picture is already being planned, according to sources. It will be set, of course, in London, as expected. The movie’s star, Renee Zellweger, got her start in big romance movies when she played opposite Tom Cruise in Jerry Maguire back in 1996. Helen Fielding wrote the book on which the new Bridget Jones picture is set to be based upon. In that novel, Bridget must date again as an older woman after the passing of Mark Darcy, her husband. We don’t know for sure if that’s how the script will go down for the movie. It may just end up being another love triangle with these three central players at the helm. Who knows?

Bridget Jones’s Baby fumbled at the domestic box-office despite a soundtrack peppered with some terrific catchy songs. That film made a merely OK $24 million. However, that additional $187 million which was added to that gross from overseas ticket sales made the prospects of another entry in the series totally possible. While the original Bridget Jones’s Diary from 2001 made a very healthy $71 million domestically and $262 million internationally, the new film looks like it could be somewhere in between that one and Bridget Jones’s Baby in terms of final financial box-office figures.

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