Regeneration Ep 1 Recap & Spoilers: Yiran Zhou’s Friend Passes Away Before Her Eyes SuperNayr

Suspense C-drama Regeneration released its first set of episodes on May 6, 2024. It tells the story of He Shan (Yiran Zhou), a female journalist meeting four strangers at her friend’s funeral. She is baffled to find that they all knew different versions of the deceased person.

They must work together to unveil the bizarre trail of secrets that surround his death. The first episode primarily focuses on He Shan attending her friend’s funeral. He Shan receives a call from her friend Fei Ke (Jing Bo Ran), who wants to meet her and say goodbye. He asks her to come to the airport and collect something he wishes to give her.

As Fei Ke approaches He Shan, he falls down on the ground. He has a foamy mouth and shows symptoms of being poisoned. A group of medical professionals rush him to the hospital in a van. But in a bizarre turn of events, they turn out to be undercover goons who force him down and inject him with poison. Fei Ke eventually passes away.

He Shan comes to know of his passing through an anonymous letter. The writer invites her to his funeral and to witness the reading of his will.

Regeneration Ep 1: Yiran Zhou experiences bizarre incident at her friend’s funeral

On the day of the funeral, He Shan is taken to Fei Ke’s house, which is situated on an island by a speedboat. She finds it bizarre that only five other people are present at the event. The five strangers have no connection with each other. It was Fei Ke’s last wish that brought them together.

After introducing themselves, Fei Ke’s assistant takes them to the basement. They ask them to share their experience with Fei Ke as it was his last wish. Some guests oppose the idea as there is no way to know if Fei Ke is dead or alive. They refuse to blindly follow orders.

He Shan cleverly pushes the cover of the casket and finds it empty. All of the guests blame the assistant for deceiving them. He Shan thinks that Fei Ke is not dead but is hiding somewhere to spy on them. The assistant then leaves the room, locking them inside. He promises to let them out only if they comply with him.

Circumstances force the five complete strangers to stay inside that tiny room without any network. He Shan discovers that these people are not Fei Ke’s friends as they claimed, but his dupes. They mention that Fei Ke tricked them in the past as well.

Having no way to escape, they decide to play along. Complications arise when they discover they know different people who go by the name Fei Ke. Upon close examination, they decide that they are the same person, but their appearances are completely different.

One by one, they start to reveal their relationship with Fei Ke. One of the guests Chen Shu Fa (Wang Yan Hui) reveals that Fei Ke was his son-in-law. His daughter married him against his will, and Fei Ke killed her.

Regeneration is available for streaming from Monday to Thursday on Youku.

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