Rebel Wilson Weighs In On Whether Only Gay Actors Should Be Cast In LGBT Roles! SuperNayr

Rebel Wilson has thoughts on casting LGBT roles.

During an interview on  BBC Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs released on Sunday, the Australian actress was asked if she feels women can get away with edgier jokes than men. She dished:

“I’ve definitely said a lot of edgy jokes, and said them sometimes in very public places like the BAFTAs. Yeah I don’t think there’s a different standard, it’s more this thing about — if you are something then now you’re allowed to joke about it.”

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The 44-year-old continued:

“So say, if you are overweight, you can say jokes. But if you’re not [you can’t] that’s kind of what’s currently happening. So it’s not really gendered.”

But when it comes to LGBT roles in film and TV, the Pitch Perfect star thinks casting should NOT be limited to actors who identify the same way as a given character:

“I think that’s hard. It’s going into this territory of like saying, ‘Well, only straight actors can play straight roles, and gay actors can play gay roles,’ which I think is total nonsense. I think you should be able to play any role that you want.”

Inneresting! There’s definitely something to be said for reserving gay roles for openly gay actors who historically don’t get as many opportunities, though!

It’s been just about two years since Rebel came out and introduced fans to her love Ramona Agruma. Innerestingly, she revealed in December 2022 that her on-screen kiss with a woman in 2022’s The Almond and the Seahorse was not only her first kiss with a woman EVER, but that the moment is what ultimately “opened” her heart to having more intimate experiences with other women!

Soooo, the question is, where do YOU stand on this debate, Perezcious readers?? Let us know in the comments down below!

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