Real-life Baby Reindeer ‘Martha’ denies claim she sent Richard Gadd 41,000 emails and threatens to sue Netflix SuperNayr

The woman who allegedly inspired Richard Gadd’s hit drama series Baby Reindeer has threatened to sue Netflix in a controversial TV interview with Piers Morgan.

In a bizarre and often uncomfortable watch, Scottish lawyer Fiona Harvey was forced to deny multiple times she had stalked Mr Gadd between 2014 and 2015.

In the show, Ms Harvey is portrayed as a lonely and mentally ill woman called Martha who obsessed over Mr Gadd and sent him up to 41,000 emails while allegedly harrassing his parents.

But the 58-year-old claimed she had only met the comedian a few times and asked him to “leave her alone” in the tense exchange with broadcaster Piers Morgan.

Speaking on Piers Morgan Uncensored, she said: “I will be taking legal action against Richard Gadd and Netflix. We have instructed lawyers in part, but we want to explore all of the options out there. There are a number of people to sue.”

Fiona Harvey was forced to deny multiple times she had stalked comedian Richard Gadd between 2014 and 2015 (Piers Morgan Uncensored, TalkTV)

When challenged about the potential existence of tens of thousands of emails which would prove the show was a true story, Ms Harvey said: “I wouldn’t be suing if I thought there were 41,000 emails out there.”

Instead, Ms Harvey claimed she had only sent Mr Gadd a “handful” of emails, a few tweets and a written letter. She also claimed the comedian could have secretly taped her when asked about the existence of voicemails left on his phone.

In the wide-ranging interview, she revealed details of her “impoverished” but middle class upbringing in Scotland and that she was in a five-year relationship with a male lawyer.

Ms Harvey said: “My mother worked incredibly hard. My parents got divorced when I was nine but she worked like a Trojan.”

She also said she has a lawyer boyfriend who she has been in a relationship with for five years and he finds the show and news coverage “horrendous”.

Asked if she had watched the drama, she replied: “Not at all. I’ve heard about the court scene, about the jail sentences and all this sort of stuff… I haven’t watched any of it.”

She counter-claimed the allegations of stalking and said she was in fact the victim.

Ms Harvey is portrayed by actor Jessica Gunning as an obsessive stalker called Martha in the hit Netflix drama Baby Reindeer (Ed Miller/Netflix)

Ms Harvey also denied she had ever been convicted of stalking Mr Gadd or that she had ever been sent to prison.

“It is completely untrue and very career damaging. I want to rebutt that. I’m not a stalker. It’s just complete nonsense.”

Asked if she had a message for Richard Gadd if he was watching, she said: “Leave me alone, please. Get a life, get a proper job. I am horrified at what you’ve done.”

Morgan has faced a backlash from mental health campaigners and survivors of stalking over his “irresponsible” decision to interview the woman.

Speaking to the Daily Record, she claimed she was paid £250 for the interview and had turned down requests from the likes of This Morning to talk about the series.

The chilling real-life drama was inspired by the ordeal suffered by Scottish creator and leading man Richard Gadd – who is called Donny Dunn in the show.

Working as a struggling stand-up comic, Dunn first meets his stalker after he offered “a crying stranger a cup of tea” while he was working at a pub in London.

Ms Harvey said she never got the impression the comediaN Gadd felt sorry for her and that she regretted ever visiting the Hawley Arms pub in Camden, London, where the pair met.

Mr Gadd has been approached for comment.

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