‘Real Housewives’ Stars Respond To Eminem’s Reported Request For A Protective Order Over A Trademark Dispute SuperNayr

The entire Real Housewives multiverse is filled with exaggerated feuds between castmates. Usually the beefs remain within the Bravo network family. However, thanks to “Lace It” rapper Eminem’s trademark dispute filing in February againstPotomac branch members Giselle Bryant and Robyn Dixon, he’s been reluctantly introduced to the stars’ feisty nature.

Eminem is fighting to block the duo’s protection over their podcast name, Reasonably Shady. Now the legal battle has escalated from a simple intellectual property mix-up to a full-on protective order request. Bryant and Dixon’s lawyer, Andrea Evans, has responded to Eminem’s legal maneuver via a statement in People.

“It seems obvious to us that if you file a lawsuit, you should be made available to be deposed,” wrote Evans. “[We’d] like to question Mathers at least about his use of the expressions Slim Shady and Shady. It’s unclear to us that Mathers can be the owner of the trademarks and file this suit against our clients, but he will not make himself available to be deposed.”

As a response to the blockage in October, the pair’s legal team requested that Eminem make himself available for questioning to explain why he felt the Reasonably Shady podcast could be seen as an extension of his Shady enterprise. Eminem reportedly declined, stating it would become “unduly burdensome,” suggesting others, including his manager, Paul Rosenberg, speak on his behalf.

Bryant and Dixon’s representatives weren’t okay with this alternative. The case is moving forward, and thus the saga continues.

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