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The Dragon Ball franchise eclipses most other anime in terms of influence and reach. Akira Toriyama has sadly passed away, but his legacy continues to live on through the iconic characters and stories he created.

As far as characters go, one could argue that Dragon Ball has the most admirable anime personalities, at least in shōnen terms. At the center of the franchise is none other than Son Goku. His noble quest for power has led him to come face to face with some of the best fighters in the universe. But for Dragon Ball fans, it’s not always about strength. Some of the best characters would probably get pummeled in a second. But who cares? We love them anyway!

10. Master Roshi

His crass womanizing wouldn’t fly today, but Master Roshi remains one of the most endearing characters in the franchise, and one of the best teachers in anime. After all, he serves as the trainer that gives Goku the much-needed boost to achieve his goals. Since Dragon Ball Z, Roshi was demoted to a minor supporting character, but his foundation as the lovable goof stayed intact. 

9. Whis

While Beerus has been known to get on many fans’ nerves, it’s hard to find a fault in the charming, soft-spoken Whis. The Angel is known for keeping Beerus in line, but not without some hilarious quips or two at his disposal. While he was introduced later in the franchise, his popularity soared right from the onset.

8. Frieza

Arguably the best villain in the entire franchise, Frieza had all the makings of a true menace. While he sought out Saiyan blood for hunger, he still became an overall fan-favorite. With a chilling backstory, and an even colder smirk, Frieza is truly one of the greats.

7. Bulma

Much like Master Roshi, Bulma was a mainstay in the original Dragon Ball. Unlike the ripped trainer however, she enjoyed a lot more screen time in the sequels. Thanks to Bulma’s constantly innovative scientific inventions, the Z Warriors needed her assistance quite often. She’s also a no-nonsense woman who managed to steal the heart of the egotistical Vegeta, so she’s always going to be a legend in my book. 

6. Krillin

Goku’s first best friend, and perhaps the most important human in his Dragon Ball story, Krillin is a standout favorite for a number of reasons. His incredible moral compass keeps him on the straight and narrow, and his love for his family puts Goku as a husband and father to shame. Overall, Krillin is a downright good guy, and one of the most relatable characters in the franchise, even though he’s died a couple of times.

5. Piccolo

From foe to brother, Piccolo and Goku’s rivalry-turned-friendship is such an important part of Dragon Ball Z. In fact, Piccolo’s relationship with Gohan takes on a father-son nature. Overall, and even before Vegeta’s transformation, Piccolo was the first instance of evil-turned-good in Dragon Ball Z

4. Future Trunks

Regular Trunks is adorable, with his purple bob, and thirst for strength. However, it’s Future Trunks that remains etched in the memories of Dragon Ball Z fans. With an emotionally gripping backstory, and a hunger for vengeance, Future Trunks deals the final blow on a renewed Frieza, restoring some much needed peace to Earth. 

3. Vegeta

The Prince of Saiyans is a testament to Akira Toriyama’s ability to convey human transformation and character development. The man who started out as a huge threat to Earth, ended up becoming the planet’s protector. In fact, Vegeta would eventually lay down his life in the ultimate sacrifice against Buu. While he continues to aim to be the best, and can be a frustrating character at times, he’s warmed his way into every fan’s heart.

2. Goku

Unfortunately, I’ll forever dock points from Goku for being such a bum of a dad and a husband. As far as warriors go, however, he stands out as the best! The shōnen protagonist is Akira Toriyama’s greatest legacy, and the Dragon Ball franchise continues to thrive because of Son Goku. He’s charming, hilarious, loving, protective, and a beast of a fighter. What’s not to love?

1. Gohan 

While Teen Gohan specifically ranks atop most fan polls, Gohan in his entirety is probably the best Dragon Ball character. His development across the sequels has been some of the best to witness, and while he’s not actively chasing foes to beat down, it’s evident that he was born to be the greatest. He may never overshadow his father in terms of worldwide popularity, but Gohan’s heart is always in the right place. That makes him number one.

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