Queen of Divorce Episode 2 Recap: Did Lee Ji-Ah’s Ex-Husband Kill Her Mother? SuperNayr

Starring Lee Ji-Ah as Kim Sa-Ra and Kang Ki-Young as Dong Gi-Jun, Queen of Divorce Episode 2 aired on Thursday, February 1, 2024, on JTBC. The legal K-drama revolves around a lawyer set to seek revenge on her ex-husband.

In episode 1, Sa-Ra is sent to prison because her mother-in-law and husband frame her for fraud. She loses the custody of her child and is forced to divorce Noh Yul-Sung. The episode ends with Son Jang-Mi offering Sa-Ra to lead a divorce consulting company, Solution. On the other hand, Yul-Sung’s reputation is in jeopardy after his mistress’ sudden death.

The Queen of Divorce Episode 2 begins with Sa-Ra’s mother reaching out to Dong Gi-Jun regarding a piece of evidence related to the mistress. Yul-Sung spots her at the prosecutor’s law firm and orders someone to lead her away from Gi-Jun. The next scene shows Sa-Ra receiving the news of her mother’s passing.

Queen of Divorce episode 2 spoilers: Lee Ji-Ah thinks her mother died by suicide

Queen of Divorce episode 2 features Lee Ji-Ah’s Kim Sa-Ra going through physical training with a revenge plan in mind. Meanwhile, Kang Ki-Young’s prosecutor, Dong Gi-Jun, calls Yul-Sung to drop by his office regarding his mistress’ death case. The Chayul Law Firm CEO uses his connection to avoid being questioned.

When he visits Gi-Jun’s law firm, he sees Sa-Ra’s mother. She has the evidence regarding the death case that shows that the mistress was killed. Disguised as Gi-Jun, one of Yul-Sung’s men approaches Sa-Ra’s mother. Ji-Ah’s character receives the news of her mother’s death in prison. When she attends the funeral, she is told that her mother died by suicide. Sa-Ra gets furious seeing Yul-Sung there, and the two get involved in a heated argument.

Meanwhile, Gi-Jun tries to solve the mistress’ death case, but the Chayul Law Firm’s connections become an obstacle. Eventually, he is fired from his job. Sa-Ra, on the other hand, comes out of prison and joins Son Jang-Mi’s start-up, Solution. It is not a regular divorce consultancy firm but a place where clients seek justice if their spouses have wronged them.

Queen of Divorce episode 2 ending: Ex-lovers Lee Ji-Ah & Kang Ki-Young become business partners

Sa-Ra’s Solution begins to do well with divorce cases. In Queen of Divorce episode 2, an author approaches her to file for divorce. She is married to a well-known lawyer of the Chayul Law Firm but wants to end their marriage. The lawyer lands in a #MeToo scandal, leading to people harassing his family.

The couple has a daughter who tries to jump off a building, but Sa-Ra saves her. Seeing their situation, Sa-Ra decides to help the author and take a step toward her revenge on her ex-husband, Yul-Sung. Towards the end of Queen of Divorce episode 2, Jang-Mi consults Sa-Ra to hire a lawyer for their firm, and she strongly recommends Kang Ki-Young’s Dong Gi-Jun.

Sa-Ra hesitates to hire him and thus asks him to decline Solution’s offer. It is revealed that the two were ex-lovers. A flashback features Sa-Ra meeting Gi-Jun a day before her wedding to Yul-Sung. He wants them to elope, to which she initially agrees. In the present day, Gi-Jun pesters her to answer why she married Yul-Sung. She says that she wanted a good life.

Gi-Jun initially rejects the job offer but returns in the end. He says that he will work with her but not as her subordinate. They agree to be business partners without thinking of their past.

Viewers can watch new episodes of Queen of Divorce on JTBC every Wednesday and Thursday.

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