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The fourth and final season of Power Book 2: Ghost had an explosive premiere, teeming with violence, drama, a death, and a few mysteries. Among them, one of the most prominent is who Denise is in Power Book 2: Ghost Season 4 Episode 1. Ghost is the second installment in the Power franchise. It follows James St. Patrick’s son Tariq (Michael Rainey Jr.), who repeatedly proves that he is as ruthless as his late father. In Season 4, time seems to be running out for Tariq as he takes on both old and new adversaries.

Denise is connected to one of these new adversaries. Here is everything we have discovered about her.

Who is Denise at the end of Power Book 2: Ghost Season 4 Episode 1?

Denise is the late wife of Detective Don Carter (Michael Ealy), a new character introduced in Power Book 2: Ghost Season 4 Episode 1.

Viewers are introduced to Carter as he walks into a church for confession. It is revealed that his wife, Denise, was murdered. Carter candidly speaks about how he is filled with “bitterness, wrath, and anger.” When the priest asks Carter whether he has acted on this anger, there is a considerable pause before he says that he hasn’t and that he is holding close to his faith.

The pause likely indicates that Carter is withholding something. The priest also wonders if he had gone back to work too early, revealing that it hadn’t been long since Denise was killed. From their interaction, we also learn that Carter is a part of a task force.

Describing his character in an interview with Starz, Ealy spoke about Carter’s “dark” and “tragic” past in terms of his wife’s murder. “He is a prime example of how we all mourn and grieve differently. And I think this audience would definitely relate to him. Whether they like him or not, you know, that’s up to them,” the actor added.

As of early June, it does not appear that anyone has been cast to portray Denise. However, she still may appear in a flashback in a future episode as Carter is fleshed out as a character.

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