Pitt/Kosinski’s F1 Film Gets Big Reshoots? SuperNayr

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Recently came a report indicating that “Top Gun: Maverick” director Joseph Kosinski’s new F1 racing movie “Apex” had seen its budget blow out to $300 million or more.

Now, scooper Daniel Richtman (via World of Reel) has posted a report indicating what it likely was that caused said budget to skyrocket – namely some extensive reshoots.

The project filmed some racing scenes in mid-2023 but was paused due to the strikes. It’s back up and running but shooting now is expected to continue late into the year.

The reason? The scooper claims the production has had to reshoot almost any scenes with 2023 F1 racecars as they have all changed designs and sponsors in 2024.

This has resulted in “loads of footage” going into the garbage. In addition it’s indicated that Pitt himself is scoring a $30 million salary for this film.

Damson Idris, Kerry Condon and Tobias Menzies co-star in the film in which Pitt’s character comes out of retirement to mentor a younger driver (Idris).

Apple Studios is producing the film which doesn’t have a release date or a distributor as yet, but discussions are ongoing with a likely 2025 release planned.

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