Piers Morgan mocked after criticising people who shared Kate Middleton health conspiracies SuperNayr

Piers Morgan has hit out at people who have shared conspiracies and speculated on the Princess of Wales’s health, after Kate revealed her battle with cancer.

Kate released a video on Friday evening explaining that she had been diagnosed with an unspecified form of the disease, following major abdominal surgery in January.

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In response to the brave statement, people around the world have shared their well wishes for the Princess, and have highlighted her wish for privacy as she, Prince William and their children get through this difficult time.

Morgan shared his annoyance at some comments on social media, branding those calling for privacy for Kate after making wild claims about her health as “shameless hypocrites”.

“People on here shrieking ‘LEAVE KATE ALONE!’ when they have spent the past few weeks spewing insane conspiracy theories about her is beyond parody,” he wrote in an X post on Friday. “Shut up, you shameless hypocrites.”

Yet, many have pointed towards Morgan’s several remarks on the situation. Replying to his post, one X/Twitter user wrote: “He was literally doing basically the same thing a week ago,” while another added: “Perhaps you should take your own advice, Piers.”

Piers Morgan has hit out at social media trolls

(PA Media)

Last week, Morgan commented on the royal family’s previous lack of communication regarding Kate’s health, noting that he’d been told some “pretty alarming” things during an episode of his show, Uncensored.

On the 14 March edition of the YouTube programme, the former Good Morning Britain anchor said: “‘I’ve been told some stuff that, if even half of it is true, it’s pretty alarming what is happening. I don’t know what to believe, nor do any of us – we’re not there.”

While noting that Kate “could be fine and doing well”, Morgan also claimed that the Palace’s attempts to quash the conspiracy theories “got it wrong”, and later theorised that “the Palace could be hiding something”.

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Piers Morgan shares a message about Kate sympathisers on X

(X / Piers Morgan)

Morgan previously devoted space in his New York Post column to discussing Kate and the royal family’s handling of the speculation surrounding her, following the mishap of Kate’s edited Mother’s Day photo.

Expressing his dissatisfaction with the royal family’s media communication, he wrote: “But the conspiracy theories about Kate Middleton’s secret health crisis and disappearance from public life, made worse by the manipulated family photo she posted yesterday, when added to the unsettling confusion over what cancer King Charles is suffering from and how serious his condition is, have shown that the old palace way of handling the media has become increasingly obsolete and unworkable.”

Kate issued a statement about her health on Friday

(BBC Studios)

Before the cancer diagnosis was revealed, he said his sympathy for the Princess would “erode” if it emerged that the Palace had intentionally given the public an inaccurate idea of her health.

Morgan wrote: “I feel very sorry for Kate that she’s had to go through whatever health issue she’s had, which has kept her away from public gaze, and duty, for so long.

“But my sympathy will erode if it turns out that she and the palace have deliberately misled the media and public about when the photo was taken to convey a false impression about her condition.”

On Saturday (23 March), Morgan commended Kate’s “clarity and courage” for sharing her diagnosis in this way, adding: “In just two extraordinarily powerful minutes she shut down all the wild global conspiracy theory madness.

“This isn’t how royals normally handle stuff like this but it was so effective & admirable.”

The Independent has reached out to a representative of Piers Morgan for further comment.

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