“Out,” “Blue,” “Mario,” “Highlander” Set Dates SuperNayr

Bleecker Street

A couple of key release and premiere dates have been set. First up, the Stone Age survival horror movie “Out of Darkness” has locked in a February 9th 2024 theatrical release date via Bleecker Street.

Safia Oakley-Green leads the cast of the film set 45,000 years ago about group of people crossing some tundra wastes to reach some distant mountains that will be their new whom. When night falls, they realize they are not alone.

Next up, DC Studios’ “Blue Beetle” movie will soon finally make its way to Max with the film scheduled to start streaming on the service on November 17th. The film earned a worldwide gross of over $129 million against a reported budget of $104 million.

Then there’s Universal Pictures who has announced that its hit animated game adaptation “The Super Mario Bros. Movie” will soon be available for streaming on Netflix – starting December 3rd exclusively in the United States.

As part of an earnings call for the company, Lionsgate chairman Joe Drake has confirmed that the Henry Cavill-led “Highlander” reboot is targeting a 2026 release. Filming on the project is expected to commence relatively soon.

Finally, scooper Jeff Grubb tells Game Mess Morning that the anticipated next game in the “Mass Effect” series may not be getting a release until around 2029 as the title is still extremely early in development. The report has stirred debate online about those estimates.

Source: Bleecker Street, Netflix, Max, IGN, EuroGamer

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