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Nvidia’s RTX Remix tool is now available for modders to try. The game remastering tool, currently out in open beta, allows modders to give older games a makeover with AI-powered texture tools, ray tracing, and Nvidia DLSS 3.

This is the same tool that was used to give Portal a visual boost with upgraded textures, models, and improved lighting. It’s also what a community of modders are using to remaster Half-Life 2 with some realistic-looking headcrabs and way better textures. But now that it’s available for all modders to try, it should make for an even wider range of upgraded games.

Not every classic game is compatible with RTX Remix, though. Nvidia says that the tool works best with DirectX 8 and 9 games “with fixed function pipelines,” including Call of Duty 2Hitman 2: Silent AssassinGarry’s ModFreedom FightersNeed for Speed: Underground 2, and Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines. A full list of compatible titles is available on modDB’s website.

Nvidia says RTX Remix offers an application that lets modders create lights and bring remastered assets into a game, along with a runtime for “capturing classic game scenes and injecting the remastered assets back into the game at playback.”

One of the core features is a generative AI tool that uses the Tensor Cores in GeForce RTX GPUs to analyze low-resolution textures and “generate physically accurate materials.” It then upscales its resolution by up to four times. Modders can also use physically based rendering (PBR) so textures can properly “react” to ray-traced lighting. You can see an example of how this might look in the image embedded above.

Additionally, RTX Remix allows modders to incorporate ray-tracing, DLSS 3, and Nvidia Reflex (which is supposed to reduce latency) for an overhauled gaming experience. Although these tools should make it easier for modders to remaster games, Nvidia notes that RTX Remix isn’t a “‘one button’ solution to remastering,” as some textures might come out looking too shiny or matte if the assets they’re attached to aren’t properly upgraded.

“Generative AI Texture Tools can help you get started with converting legacy textures to physically accurate materials,” Nvidia says. “But the most impressive RTX Remix projects (like Portal With RTXPortal: Prelude RTX and Half Life 2 RTX: An RTX Remix Project) are chock full of lovingly hand made high quality assets with enormous polygonal counts and realistic materials.” That means it will likely take teams of modders — and a bit of time — to complete full-on game remasters.

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