No Refunds For Fans After All Time Low Cuts Their Singapore Show Short Due To Illness SuperNayr

Members of the pop-punk band All Time Low were forced to cut their show in Singpore short after the band’s frontman became ill.

All Time Low were performing at Fort Canning Park on May 5th when lead singer, Alex Gaskarth began to experience symptoms of food poisoning. He was later sent to the hospital after the show and released the following day, according to a post shared on Instagram by promoter LAMC Productions.

Gaskarth shared an update on his condition on Monday, stating:

“To everyone at our show in Singapore. I just want to say thank you endlessly for your kindness and understanding last night. As I mentioned on stage, I was fighting through a pretty bad illness and unfortunately, it got the better of me mid-show.”

“As a performer, it’s genuinely heartbreaking when your body gives out in a way that affects a gig like that, there’s always a little voice inside your head saying, ‘Just Push A Little Bit Harder…keep going, keep going.’

And I listened to it for as long as I possibly could and gave it absolutely everything I had. Huge props to the rest of the boys for ripping through some more songs when I hit my limit. I was on the verge of tears backstage hearing you all sing along so loud. All we can ever do is our best and I’m grateful I got to share those moments with you all.”

Following the performance, promoter LAMC Productions announced that fans will not be offered a refund for the truncated concert, but instead will be eligible for a $30 promo code that they can use at any LAMC show in the next year.

“First and foremost, thank you to everyone for coming out to last night’s All Time Low concert at Fort Canning Park. The band did their best even though their lead singer Alex Gaskarth became increasingly unwell during the show. Alex was sent to the hospital and relased early this morning.

We apologize for the delay in clarifying the situation as it was a shock to us as well. We were not made aware of the severity of his condition and it was beyond our control. The band made the decision to perform the show and did so to the best of their ability under the circumstances.”

All Time Low continues their Eastern Pacific tour on Tuesday with a sold-out show at Spotify O-EAST in Shibuya City Japan.

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