‘No money but needs those nails’: Woman waits until her nails are finished before admitting she can’t pay for them SuperNayr

Life is full of little luxuries. Having a fresh spray tan, a blowout, and a new set of nails leaves you feeling refreshed, confident, and brand new.

Unfortunately for many of us, indulging ourselves in these luxuries isn’t always possible. Sometimes you have to pick and choose between taking the Uber, or going out to eat, or getting your nails done that week. As many of us have learned the hard way, overindulgence can certainly have consequences.

That’s what this mom on TikTok found out when she couldn’t pay for her $150 manicure. When her nail tech, Serina, who posted the video, finished up the set her client tried to slip her a $20 bill and call it a day. She told Serina that she’d taken an Uber to the nail appointment, and a taxi, and could only afford $20 even though starting prices were listed on Serina’s website.

Serina held her own, saying that not only was this woman trying to shortchange her, but she’d been late and wasn’t even charged the late fee. The woman even dared to ask for a Mother’s Day discount, which Serina gave her.

Commenters are 100% on Serina’s side, telling her to call the police on the client. Others told her to start making clients put a credit or debit card on file, and one even said to pretend to fix one of the nails, and then just take them all off.

Serina later posted a storytime explaining that this was the client’s first time showing up to an appointment after trying to book five separate times. She then showed up close to 11 o’clock for a 10 o’clock appointment. Serina said that the client had gotten a manicure and a pedicure. The pedicure was $40 and the manicure came out to $110, which Serina had told her before the appointment.

In part two of her story time, she said that after the footage she originally posted the woman just left and drove away. Curious, considering she said she needed money for a taxi and, for some reason, an Uber also. Serina attempted to capture the woman’s license plate but it was only on the front of the car, and she only remembered the first few numbers.

She went on to tell her audience that this wasn’t the first time this had happened to her as a small business owner, and that it would probably happen again.

Despite the unfortunate circumstances, her followers are doing their due diligence trying to brainstorm ways Serina can protect herself from ever having her services stolen again. They said to set up a pre-appointment system that collects credit card information and addresses. Others said to include a non-refundable fee in the price.

Hopefully, Serina can figure out a way to protect herself from questionable clients. Or at least invest in some good running shoes to chase anyone else who tries to bolt without paying.

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