Ninja Kamui Episode 7 Recap & Spoilers: Higan and Lil Engage in Intense Combat SuperNayr

Ninja Kamui episode 7 was released on Saturday, March 23, 2024, at 12 a.m. ET. Adult Swim broadcasted the episode in the U.S.A. and Canada while it was available for streaming on Max the next day. The episode was titled “The Watcher,” and it featured the right amount of action and drama to drive the plot forward. 

The episode begins with Higan wearing the Gusoku Gear, aka the Kamui Suit, and using his consciousness to fight Lil. Though the latter had Emma cornered in the previous episode, she survives and witnesses the entire showdown in which Higan promises to torture Lil.

At the end of the intense duel, the scene cuts to the corporate ninjas receiving Lil’s severed head. As Emma explains how Yamaji should stay wary of Higan for a while due to his possession of the Gusoku Gear, the corporate ninja boss orders Zai to eliminate Higan.

Zai graciously accepts the order, promising a dramatic confrontation between Zai and Higan in the upcoming episodes. The rest of the episode primarily focuses on Emma’s backstory, making her one of the central elements in the show.

Ninja Kamui episode 7: Emma explains her history with mari

When Higan inquires Emma about her relationship with Mari, Emma tells Higan that Mari had saved her life and that she wouldn’t be who she is if it wasn’t for Mari’s companionship. Emma explains how Mari was her first mentor. Moreover, she admires Mari’s steadfast approach and considers her an ideal ninja. In the past, Zai, Mari, and Higan were considered the three most capable ninjas in the organization, and everyone knew that one of them would lead the organization soon.

Despite holding such influence, Mari remains humble when she approaches Emma. She makes Emma take pride in her distorted face as a ninja even though her parents had left her because of her appearance.

After the organization had adopted her, Mari seemed kind and generous to her. Over time, they develop a close bond. As Mari shares her secret art with Emma and helps her understand the importance of attachment in the ninja world, Emma remembers being the happiest when Mari was around.

Ninja Kamui episode 7 ending explained

Once Yamaji had taken over the organization, the radical shift caused a lot of upheaval. Amid the chaos, Mari confides to Emma about her pregnancy. Emma is shocked, and knowing Mari has already broken the ninja code seems hopeless for her.

The scene shifts to Higan, who, despite his tough exterior, is nervous about being a father. Mari’s kindness helps him ease. While their family is blooming, Yamaji orders the organization to leave Japan. He states that anyone who would retaliate will be exiled and thereby executed. Soon, ninjas are divided into those who follow Yamaji’s orders out of fear and those who are exiled.

Later, a confused Emma follows the previous chieftain’s order to spy on Mari and execute her if she threatens the ninja code. Emma and Mari indulge in a showdown, but the latter’s kindness forces Emma to back off and almost kill herself. However, Mari saves her.

Emma then expresses how she is clueless about what should be done. She devises a plan to stay with Yamaji and win his trust to extract intel on the organization. Meanwhile, she stays in touch with Mari, and they exchange information about their lives without anyone else knowing.

With this, the episode explains why Emma supports Higan to seek his revenge. While she could just be helping him as her dear friend’s partner, she might be equally keen to avenge the person she considers the closest to being her parent. The episode ends with Emma stating that the organization was working on their “master plan,” preparing viewers for an adventurous next episode.

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