Nicola Peltz Shares Her Thoughts on BFF Selena Gomez's Romance With Benny Blanco SuperNayr

Nicola Peltz is speaking her mind on Selena Gomez‘s new romantic relationship!

In case you weren’t aware, Selena, 31, has been dating music producer Benny Blanco since late 2023.

As one of Selena‘s closest friends, Nicola, 29, shared her thoughts on the new couple while attending the premiere of her new movie Lola on Saturday (February 3).

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“They’re amazing,” Nicola told Entertainment Tonight.

Referencing her own relationship with husband Brooklyn Beckham, Nicola added, “How lucky are [me and Selena] that we found these amazing cooks? I was like, ‘Yeah, we did good.’”

The actress then expressed her appreciation for her best friend!

“I’m so, so, so lucky to have her in my life,” Nicola said. “Her support and everything means so much to me.”

If you missed it, another close friend of Selena Gomez voiced her thoughts on the singer’s romance with Benny Blanco!

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