Nicholas Galitzine Talks Playing Queer Characters & Receiving LGBTQ+ Support as a Straight Actor SuperNayr

Nicholas Galitzine opened up about playing queer characters as a straight actor.

The 29-year-old most recently shot steamy love scenes for Mary & George, a historical miniseries about George Villiers’ affair with King James.

Previously, he played Prince Henry, a gay royal who falls in love with the first son of the United States, in 2023′s Red, White & Royal Blue. He was also cast as a gay character in Handsome Devil.

During a recent interview, Nicholas reflected on having the support of the LGBTQ+ community and what drew him to the roles.

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While on SiriusXM’s The Jess Cagle Show, the actor spoke about the reception his roles have received from the queer community: “I feel so overwhelmingly proud of the resonance I feel like I’ve been able to have and so touched by, you know, conversations I’ve had with people from the queer community,” adding, “I feel very powerful with their backing behind me, so yeah. Just very grateful.”

As for what drew him to the roles, Nicholas said that he was drawn to “interesting, textured characters.”

“I feel so lucky to have been able to play those young men. I mean, you look at Conor Masters from Handsome Devil and Prince Henry from Red White & Royal Blue. I mean, these are two young men completely trapped by circumstance and feel a sense of deep claustrophobia on their lives,” he said. “You know, they can’t be who they are, and with George it’s the opposite in a lot of ways. It is his power. It is how he dominates people. It is how he accrues wealth for his family, and so, you know, they were just all really rich on the page, and I feel very lucky that I’ve been able to play them.”

If you missed it, Nicholas recently opened up about his chemistry with another star that he shot a romance with.

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