New blood-stained image from ‘Saw X’ will give you a headache, literally SuperNayr

We’re just a little over two months away from gorefest Saw X — which will serve as the tenth installment in the iconic horror franchise — landing in theaters and causing an absolute commotion. In the past, the franchise has been regarded as “torture porn” that focuses entirely too much on horrific elements such as ripped limbs, bloody clothes, and extracted teeth — but a fresh-faced image from the set of the upcoming horror extravaganza showcases a brand-new device that will leave you with a headache… literally.

Over on Twitter, an exclusive set photo was revealed for all horror fanatics to see — which depicted a new “device” to be used by Jigsaw / John Kramer that wraps around a victim’s head and causes significant damage to the cerebrum. In its simplest form, the aforementioned trap has been named “The Brain Surgery,” which is simply enough to make you grit your teeth and undoubtedly expect the bloodiest mess ever in the entire franchise. You can check out the post for yourself down below:

From the looks of the pulse-pounding trailer — which was effectively released last evening — it’s looking as though the ever-popular film series is itching to return to its roots. And with the franchise consistently adding numerous traps implemented by Jigsaw over the years, it’s clear that adding in another terrifying trap is enough to lure in die-hards that might not have been too pleased with the last two Saw films.

But if you’re exceptionally sensitive to a lot of gore, perhaps it’s best to shield your eyes during the “Brain Surgery” scene. You might even want to pop a few Tylenol before catching Saw X when it lands in theaters on Sept. 29.

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