Netflix's 15 Most Popular TV Shows of All Time Revealed, New Series Lands at Number 12 in Latest Update SuperNayr

A new Netflix TV show has made it into the most popular of all time list!

The streaming service added an additional metric to the count: average viewership for its programming. This will fall under a general “views” category, and track how many people actually watched. The streamer will continue tracking hours viewed as well. However, there’s a slight change there as well. Previously, Netflix had tracked hourly viewers in the first 28 days. Now, they will be tracking hourly viewers in the first 91 days on the streaming service.

As a result of this change, Stranger Things‘ fourth season was kicked out of the number 2 spot on this list. In addition, there’s a lot of different shows on this list because of these changes.

Keep reading to see the new top 15 most popular TV shows list…

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