Munjya: Netizens Praise Sharvari Wagh-Abhay Verma’s Horror Comedy, Call It A Perfect Entertainer SuperNayr

Sharvari Wagh and Abhay Verma‘s much-anticipated film Munjya has finally hit theatres today, June 7, revealing the secrets lurking in the world of ‘Munjya’. As Maddock Films’ third offering in its horror-comedy universe, the film has received positive feedback from audiences upon its theatrical release.

The film’s unique concept, coupled with the catchy song “Taras,” and its status as a fan-favourite horror-comedy genre, have generated significant buzz before its release.

Viewers are treated to a surprise cameo by none other than the original lead from Bhediya, Varun Dhawan.

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Netizens Praise Munjya Upon Its Release In Theatres

Expressing his thoughts on the film, one user wrote, “Mast Paisa Wasool Movie.” Another commented, “A completely simple entertainer, Comedy worked really well, After people feel lite Horror, the plot is simple but good, #VarunDhawan cameo as #bhediya is good.”

Let’s take a look at some of the tweets below to see what netizens are saying about the film.

About Munjya

The latest film Munjya stars Sharvari and Abhay Verma, with Aditya Sarpotdar directing. Produced by Dinesh Vijan’s Maddock Films, the story revolves around Bittu (portrayed by Abhay Verma), a young man who visits his small village and gets caught up with the supernatural entity Munjya, a notorious ghost from local legend.

Munjya is the spirit of a young Brahmin lad who fell deeply in love with Munni and died before his coming-of-age ceremony, leading to his restless existence. Based on Indian folklore, this spirit is on a mission to find a bride.

The film begins with Bittu (Abhay Verma), a shy cosmetology aspirant, living with his mother (Mona Singh) and grandmother. Bittu harbors feelings for Bella (Sharvari Wagh) but struggles to express them. During a visit to his extended family in the village, long-held secrets about the chetuk-baari and Munjya’s origins come to light.

Munjya starts to haunt Bittu, seeking his assistance in finding his lost love, Munni. Bella becomes Munjya’s new obsession. The protagonist must protect himself and his love from Munjya’s clutches, leading to a series of humorous and terrifying adventures.

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