MSNBC’s Mehdi Hasan Calls Trump Lead ‘Devastating’ for ‘Any Republican… Not Under Indictment’ (Video) SuperNayr

As has been the case since he first launched his first campaign for president with a speech that included racist attacks on Mexicans, Donald Trump remains very popular with Republican voters.

According to new a new poll, Trump remains far and away the overwhelming Republican front-runner in the 2024 GOP primary. Which, MSNBC’s Mehdi Hasan joked Monday night, is “devastating news for every Republican candidate not under criminal indictment.”

“The poll results could be considered funeral rights for the non Trump,” Hasan added while guest-hosting Monday’s episode of “All In With Chris Hayes.” (Hayes is still on Vacation.)

“Simply put, it’s done,” Hassan continued. “If you had any doubts that this is Trump’s race and Trump’s race to lose, this poll, will clear things up for you. I mean, here’s the headline from the latest New York Times/Sienna poll, and it sums up everything you need to know: ‘Trump crushing DeSantis and GOP rivals.’”


“Among Republicans, the ex-president tops to DeSantis with 54%, [the] Florida Governor holding on to a mere 17%. That is a 37-point-lead that Trump holds over DeSantis. Nearly 40 points,” Hasan said.

“And when the whole slew of candidates is put on the board against Trump, not one candidate besides DeSantis tops 3%,” Hasan added. “DeSantis even loses on fighting so called ‘wokeness’ in this new poll. If you’ve been paying any attention to the 2024 Republican primary, you know that fighting the woke is very dear to Ron DeSantis’ heart.”

Hasan then played a super cut of various appearances where DeSantis has attacked “the woke” and “wokeness,” which Hasan dismissed as “stirring psuedo-Churchillian stuff.”

“But when it comes to Republican voters who want to fight ‘wokeness’ — however they define it — Donald Trump again crushes DeSantis,” Hasan explained. “Donald Trump is also the ‘fun’ candidate, apparently, apparently 54% of Republican voters say he is more fun compared to DeSantis.”

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“Trump is also far ahead of DeSantis among Republicans who, quote, ‘accept transgender people as the gender they identify with, and among those who do not. He beats Ron DeSantis on both fronts,” Hasan said. Then he turned the topic to Trump’s myriad legal problems.

“When it comes to Trump’s criminal indictment on dozens of felonies, only 17% of Republican voters believe he committed a crime,” Hasan elaborated. “71% believe he has not committed any, but when that question is posted to MAGA voters, 0% — Zero — believe he committed a crime.”

“Oh, it’s not a cult,” Hasan said with heavy sarcasm.

Hasan then detailed just how bad the news is for other Republicans: “That is the ex president’s loyal base, standing by his side no matter what. Simply put Donald Trump own this Republican Party, this GOP presidential race, and no one is even coming close to beating him for the nomination. In fact, no presidential primary candidate who has had this kind of lead in the polls at this point in the primaries has ever lost.”


“With the first primary debate in roughly three weeks, Trump has said he is not showing up, and honestly, why would he? Today posted, quote, let them debate so I can see who I might consider for Vice President.”

“Ouch,” Hasan said as he wrapped it up. “But he kind of has a point. Right now it is a race for second place.”

Watch the clip above now.

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