MrBeast Dethrones T-Series As Most Subscribed YouTube Channel; Elon Musk Cheers On 26-Year-Old Influencer SuperNayr

YouTube sensation Jimmy Donaldson aka MrBeast, has emerged victorious in the battle for the most subscribed YouTuber, toppling the longstanding record set by music mogul T-Series.

MrBeast triumphantly announced his ascent to the throne via a tweet on Sunday, gleefully declaring his win. He has surpassed the coveted milestone of 267 million subscribers, edging past T-Series’ formidable count of 266 million followers.

This monumental achievement marks the culmination of a six-year odyssey, characterised by unwavering support and solidarity within the YouTube community.

MrBeast Pays Tribute To PreDiePie After Dethroning T-Series

MrBeast paid homage to fellow YouTuber PewDiePie, whom he famously pledged to support in a bid to maintain his reign as the platform’s most subscribed creator.

In his post, MrBeast wrote, “After 6 years we have finally avenged Pewdiepie.”

MrBeast’s victory had a significant impact, reaching a wide audience, and even catching the attention of Elon Musk. He was the first one to wish the YouTuber by commenting, “Wow, congrats!”

As fans around the globe rejoiced and contemplated the sheer magnitude of MrBeast’s accomplishment, whispers of a new target of 1 billion subscribers began to circulate.

MrBeast’s Challenge To T Series

However, the journey to this pinnacle of success was not without its fair share of hurdles. Just last month, MrBeast threw down the gauntlet to the CEO of T-Series, challenging them to a showdown in the boxing ring to settle the score once and for all, underscoring the intensity of their rivalry.

Yet, amidst the euphoria of his triumph, an air of mystery shrouds T-Series’ response, as the identity of their CEO remains elusive, leaving the YouTube community on tenterhooks.

The saga of subscriber supremacy harks back to the era of PewDiePie, whose meteoric rise to the top was marred by controversy and conflict, culminating in his departure from the platform in 2020, leaving behind a monumental legacy with his colossal subscriber base of 102 million.

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