Mount Dismisses Marvel “Inhumans” Rumor SuperNayr


Former “Hell on Wheels” and current “Star Trek: Strange New Worlds” star Anson Mount has debunked a rumor that has been swirling about his potential return to the MCU.

Mount played the role of Black Bolt in ABC’s short-lived “Inhumans” series which was widely panned, and returned to the role for a cameo in Sam Raimi’s “Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness” film.

On Friday, a Marvel news site called Marvel Updates posted a rumor claiming that characters from the “Inhumans” series would be making their return in the “Avengers: Secret Wars” film.

It seemed highly dubious at best, but it started to spread until it reached Mount who quickly shot down the claim almost instantly. He said on X:

“This is so interesting. Please tell us more about this contract I apparently signed in my sleep. I’m so curious to hear all the juicy details from a feed that is clearly not a click-farm.”

Mount of course is already booked solid with other commitments, with the actor recently having finished production of a third season of ‘Strange New Worlds’ and set to reprise his role of Captain Pike in a fourth season which will go into production next Spring.

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