Megan Fox Hints Relationship With 'Narcissist' MGK Is 'Killing' Her SuperNayr

Did Megan Fox write a tell-all memoir? No, not exactly. But she wrote the cryptic Instagram post version of one!

Her new book Pretty Boys Are Poisonous has us trying to analyze poetry like we’re back in freshman year! Only this time we have a much better handle on the context — which is to say, Megan’s love life! And she seems to want to rage, rage, against the tying of the knot with Machine Gun Kelly!

The Jennifer’s Body star refers in verse to a “32-year-old narcissist” and a “complacent rock star” who only pretends to have good intentions. Not hard to figure who she’s talking about. She also writes in a poem titled “a beautiful boy is a deadly drug”:

“You are an addiction that no amount of prayers will ever cure / You are killing me but my heart won’t give you up”

“Killing” her?? Uh… DAMN. That doesn’t sound good.

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It sounds like Megan is cognizant of how toxic her relationship is right now, something we’ve heard from sources close to the couple in recent months as they called off their wedding and came close to breaking up. But she can’t let it go? She also continues to refer to her “true love, twin flame” — something she has consistently called MGK almost from the start.

[A warning to readers: be careful about using that kind of language — “soulmate” and “twin flame” — early in a relationship. It can be a self-fulfilling prophecy; when you find out maybe you don’t get along as well as you thought, you can sometimes think you must be wrong to doubt the relationship because it would mean you were wrong about the “twin flame” label. It’s the type of thing that can keep people in toxic or abusive relationships. Just something to keep in mind.]

Anyway, all this doesn’t sound healthy for Megan. But maybe it’s just for dramatic effect? It is poetry, after all. Hmm.

Obviously the Transformers alum isn’t playing around with the book. She also opened up about the rumored miscarriage she and MGK suffered. And in other pieces she revealed details of abuse she’s suffered at the hands of an ex-boyfriend. In an interview about the book, she confirmed that was based on a real ex, saying:

“Throughout my life I have been in at least one physically abusive relationship and several psychologically very abusive relationships… I have only been publicly connected to a few people, but I shared energy with, I guess we could say, who were horrific people. And also very famous — very famous — people. But no one knows that I was involved with those people.”

Fans are already speculating on who her abuser was. One famous ex’s name has come up many times — because Shia LaBeouf has already been accused by other exes of behavior matching what’s in the poems.

So yeah, we’re definitely reading these poems closely. How about YOU? Are you reading Pretty Boys Are Poisonous? More to the point, are you reading into it like we are??

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