Matt Serletic Named Director of AI Innovation And Interactive Experiences At Amazon Music SuperNayr

Matt Serletic Named Director of AI Innovation And Interactive Experiences At Amazon Music

Matt Serletic (Photo Courtesy: Matt Serletic Official LinkedIn)

LOS ANGELES (CelebrityAccess)—Amazon Music has announced Matt Serletic, a prominent figure in the music industry and Grammy-award-winning producer, as its new Director of AI Innovation and Interactive Experiences.

Serletic boasts an impressive background, having worked with renowned artists such as Matchbox Twenty and Collective Soul in the 1990s and early 2000s. His leadership extends to his tenure as Chairman/CEO of Virgin Records America from 2002 to 2005, where he played a pivotal role in shaping the music landscape. Following this, Serletic founded Emblem Music Group in 2007, representing artists like Rob Thomas.

In 2015, Serletic ventured into the realm of music technology with the launch of Zya, a music app that caught Google’s attention and was eventually acquired in 2019. Serving as Director of Products at Google post-acquisition, Serletic played a vital role in integrating Zya’s technology into Google’s ecosystem, resulting in widespread adoption and innovation.

In a recent social media statement, Serletic expressed gratitude to the Google team for their support and collaboration. He highlighted the transformative impact of bringing Zya to Google, citing significant growth in expressive content usage and innovative features across Google products.

“🎶🚀 I’m joining Amazon Music as Director of AI Innovation and Interactive Experiences! 🎧🎶Joining this incredible team is an extraordinary opportunity to continue pushing musical boundaries. At Amazon Music, I can unite my passion for the art of music and the democratizing power of technology. Thank you to the fantastic team at Google for their support and collaboration during my time there. Bringing our music technology company Zya (Acquired by Google) to Google was transformative, enabling us to significantly grow expressive content usage, reach millions of users with innovative features across Google products, and drive billions of daily visual impressions on Search, Android, and YouTube.”

Now, as part of the Amazon Music team, Serletic aims to leverage the power of AI and interactive technologies to revolutionize how people discover, enjoy, and interact with music. Collaborating with industry leaders like John Ciancutti, Ryan Redington, and Steve Boom, Serletic sees an opportunity to shape the future of music and create unforgettable experiences for both artists and fans.

Excited about the prospect of reimagining music consumption in the age of AI, Serletic invites collaboration and exploration of potential opportunities to innovate in the music industry, adding via his statement, “I’m excited to reimagine how people connect with music in the age of AI! Please reach out if you’d like to explore potential opportunities or ideas together.”

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