Martin Scorsese Could Soon Be Directing a Frank Sinatra Movie Featuring Leonardo DiCaprio as Ol’ Blue Eyes SuperNayr

Martin Scorsese Leonardo Dicaprio On Set

Leonardo DiCaprio Sought After by Scorsese To Play Ol’ Blue Eyes

Martin Scorsese has added a Frank Sinatra biopic to his slate of potential projects and if it gets green-lit, Leonardo Di Caprio would likely play the lead role.

Start spreading the news. Frank Sinatra was one of the greatest musical performers of his generation and, now, Marty Scorsese wants to make a biopic about his life. Who else would Marty want to star in his picture other than Oscar winner and frequent collaborator, Leonardo DiCaprio? If you can make it through lead roles in several Scorsese pictures, “you can make it anywhere” and it will be “up to” DiCaprio if he wants to play the part. The icing on the cake would be if Jennifer Lawrence were to come on board the project as well, playing Ava Gardner, Sinatra’s second wife and a movie star in and of herself.

The last time Jennifer Lawrence played opposite DiCaprio in 2021’s Don’t Look Up, it resulted in an Oscar nod for Best Picture. It could well happen again if this dream combination of DiCaprio, Lawrence and Scorsese would become a reality. This possible project is being sought after by Sony Pictures. However, one thing is standing in front of this potential film right now: Tina Sinatra, the late Franks’s daughter who controls the singer who was known as Ol’ Blue Eyes’s estate. For a movie to go into production, the approval of Tina would certainly be needed.

Meanwhile, Scorsese is working on his next project, A Life of Jesus which is being independently financed. It’s a religious film which is a departure from most of the pictures the acclaimed director is known for although Scorsese was the man behind Kundun and Silence, two of his less popular pictures. Also brewing is yet another project with Scorsese directing and DiCaprio starring in called The Wager. It could be some time before the Sinatra biopic movie actually comes into fruition.

Academy Award winner Jennifer Lawrence would probably make the quintessential Ava Gardner. Lawrence could add her signature sophistication to the part and a role like this one could possibly lead to award nominations if it’s done well. Meanwhile, DiCaprio could be very intriguing as Frank Sinatra. DiCaprio certainly has the talent to capture the mannerisms of Sinatra to perfection if he actually gets to play the role.

For those who don’t know, Frank Sinatra was the singer of “Fly Me to the Moon” which was featured in the movie Wall Street. Ol’ Blue Eyes was also the man behind the wildly popular song, “New York, New York.” “It’s up to you,” Tina Sinatra, to give Scorsese the permission to go ahead with the film. If the renowned director makes the picture with DiCaprio and Lawrence, it would automatically become an event movie that could have “Oscar” written all over it.

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