Marjorie Taylor Greene Reportedly Won’t Stop Using A Certain ‘High School’ Insult Against Lauren Boebert SuperNayr

Rootin’ tootin’ Lauren Boebert keeps accidentally reminding people about her groping-and-vaping scandal, so it seems unlikely that this mess will go away anytime soon, if ever. Even an innocent photo or the words with “encounters” and “Southern Border” is enough to set people off into a fit of giggles. Her Democrat Bar Guy probably also isn’t enjoying his professional fallout, and of course, Marjorie Taylor Greene is having a field day.

Greene and Boebert have been at aggressive odds against each other for a few years now, and the former’s irritation kicked into full force after being booted from the Freedom Caucus. Greene has been flat-out calling her rival a vaper and groper, and she’s now reportedly added a very unsavory (and “high school”) insult to her repertoire. Actually, she might have been using the word for “a while,” which is even worse. From The Daily Beast:

…after a date at Beetlejuice The Musical turned into a national conversation about groping, Greene has resorted to a playbook familiar to any woman who survived high school: She’s telling GOP colleagues, according to lawmakers, that Boebert is a “whore.”

One Republican lawmaker, who has heard Greene use that word multiple times to describe Boebert, told The Daily Beast that Greene has been at this campaign for some time. “Calling her a whore, that’s not new,” this GOP lawmaker said. “She’s been doing that for a while.”

Another GOP lawmaker also witnessed Greene refer to Boebert as a “whore.”

That’s not all. When contacted by The Daily Beast’s Zachary Petrizzo, Greene fired back about how this Petrizzo “can’t help yourself” and “you like to write trash.” She accused him of enjoying “drama,” and “You just love it so much, you got to create it, and make it more, and bigger, and nastier.” However, the congresswoman never denied using the W-word about Boebert.

(Via The Daily Beast)

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