Margot Robbie Reveals How She's Spending Her 'Barbie' Money, (& Her Husband Tom Ackerley Had an Idea) SuperNayr

Margot Robbie opened up about how she was spending her Barbie money after starring in and producing the biggest movie of the year.

The 33-year-old actress took home a major payday thanks to her base salary and box office bonuses.

How did she spend the money? She was asked in a recent interview, and her husband Tom Ackerley chimed in with an idea about what they should buy.

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“I actually really haven’t done anything that crazy,” Margot told ET. “But now that you’ve said it, all my siblings are going to be like, ‘Where’s my house?’”

Tom chimed in during the interview, saying, “We should buy some pink Ferraris.”

Who wouldn’t love a Barbie pink convertible?!

If you are curious, we rounded up the wealthiest stars from the Barbie movie.

Margot also responded to a rumor about a large purchase that she was rumored to make. Here’s a hint, it involved a pop star.

She also revealed the “secret crush” she has on another female musician.

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