LUMINA (2024) Movie Trailer: Eric Roberts stars in a Government & Alien Conspiracy Thriller SuperNayr

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Lumina Trailer

Gino McKoy‘s Lumina (2024) movie trailer has been released by Goldove Entertainment. The Lumina trailer stars Eric Roberts, Andrea Tivadar, Emily Hall, Ken Lawson, Eleanor Williams, Gino McKoy, Sidney Nicole Rogers, Rupert Lazarus, Ait ben Azzouz Brahim, Hami Belal, and Badr Balafrej.


Gino McKoy wrote the screenplay for Lumina. Gino McKoy and Matthew Sargent created the music for the film. Raquel Gallego and Larry Smith crafted the cinematography for the film.

Plot Synopsis

Lumina (2024)’s plot synopsis: “The story follows a group of friends… One of them is rich and his name is Aleks, and he organizes a party in his house. Suddenly, a bright light flashes in the sky and Aleks’s girlfriend Tatjana disappears.

Alex becomes obsessed with finding her and, after a few months, drags three of his friends into the desert because he believes that Tatjana is being held in a DUMB (Deep Underground Military Base) and that she may have been held there because she had contact with aliens.

From there, things get dangerous for the group of friends, as they face human and alien threats in their quest.”

On Movie Trailers

“A trailer (also known as a preview or attraction video) is a commercial advertisement, originally for a feature film that is going to be exhibited in the future at a movie theater/cinema. It is a product of creative and technical work…Trailers consist of a series of selected shots from the film being advertised.

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For this purpose the scenes are not necessarily in the order in which they appear in the film. [This type of ad] has to achieve that in less than 2 minutes and 30 seconds, the maximum length allowed by the MPA. Each studio or distributor is allowed to exceed this time limit once a year, if they feel it is necessary for a particular film.

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Since the edited film does not exist at this point, the trailer editors work from rushes or dailies. Thus, the trailer may contain footage that is not in the final movie, or the trailer editor and the film editor may use different takes of a particular shot. Another common technique is including music on the trailer which does not appear on the movie’s soundtrack.

This is nearly always a requirement, as trailers and teasers are created long before the composer has even been hired for the film score—sometimes as much as a year ahead of the movie’s release date—while composers are usually the last creative people to work on the film

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The Feature Movie Trailer

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Lumina (2024) Trailer

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