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The Love on the Spectrum: Australia cast have been up to quite a lot since both seasons ended a few years ago. While the first season was a success for some couples, season 2 featured both familiar faces from season 1, and introduced several new cast members.

Overall, both seasons were filled with promising moments, and some formed lasting relationships. Between the solo riders, and the couples we’ve been rooting for since day one, the cast of Love on the Spectrum: Australia has been keeping busy since wrapping up the series.

Abbey and David

The whimsical Disney fan and animal lover found her fairytale love on the show with a fellow animal lover, David. As most know, Abbey and David are still happily together, and are off exploring the world. These days, Abbey not only shares her happy moments on TikTok, but showcases her hat-making business. 


The South Carolina native and behavioral therapist, Kaelynn, tackles the hurdles of dating and recounts her experiences online. Currently, Kaelynn uses her expanding influencer platform to speak up about and advocate for autism. She’s becoming quite the social media force as well!


Dani Bowman, who loves animation and started her own animation company at age 11, has also been doing quite well for herself. After Love on the Spectrum: Australia ended, she continued working in animation. In fact, these days she’s spending her time teaching children on the spectrum all about the art!


Subodh, the culinary master and mathematician, remains young at heart. While still searching for his forever partner, he travels around the world to taste new food. He also shares his experiences with his fans on Cameo, as well as other social media platforms. 


The Renaissance fair lover, James has since advocated for others to be true to themselves. While still searching for love post-Love on the Spectrum: Australia, James spends his time with his friends, engaging in hobbies that remind him of what he loves most. 

Ruth and Thomas

Ruth and Thomas made a reputation for themselves on the show and were truly unforgettable. The two tied the knot in 2020, and while their wedding wasn’t televised, the pictures posted on Ruth’s Instagram show they had a blast. Years later and the couple is still going strong.  


The lovable Steve is still an adventurer on the journey to find love at all costs. While he may have been diagnosed with autism late in life, he’s not letting that hold him back. With the help of his assistant, Steve has set up an online dating profile to find his one true love. 


Michael appeared in both seasons of Love on the Spectrum: Australia but has since taken a break from dating. Instead, he has expressed his desire to focus more on his spirituality. He also recently finished filming for a new TV series. These days, Michael frequently updates fans about his life on Instagram, and on the podcast titled Mr. A+.

Ronan and Katie

The fan favorites of season 2, Ronan and Katie were too easy to love. Both stars left the show as a couple, but have kept their lives private since Love on the Spectrum: Australia ended. While Katie’s Instagram account is private, Ronan shares their progress on his account, and the couple is evidently still happy together. 

Mark and Chloe

Mark and Chloe were returning cast members from season 1. Although the pair shared a whirlwind romance during season 2, at the end of it all, they decided to remain good friends. Mark has continued to do the things he loves and enjoys. He even spoke at AUStism 2021. In a similar vein, Chloe continues to post about her life and her favorite cosplays. 

Jimmy and Sharnae

Jimmy and Sharnae both appeared in the first season of Australia’s Love on the Spectrum. After getting engaged by the season’s end, they got married in the second season. Currently, the couple is diligently building their lives together, sharing glimpses of their marriage on Jimmy’s Instagram account.


Kassandra, the passionate and educated young woman is still in love with cosplay. While she had several promising dates in the season, none of them worked out. Now, she shares a part of her colorful world, and all the fun things she experiences on her Instagram account. 

Jayden and Dan

Jayden and Dan gained immense popularity on the show, with their date standing out as one of the best. Despite the apparent success of their relationship, the current status of their relationship remains uncertain. Jayden maintains a low profile on social media, and Dan is harder to find on platforms, indicating a clear and shared desire to keep their personal lives private.

Teo and Rosie

Teo and Rosie hit it off after their first date, and subsequent dates solidified their connection, officially marking them as a couple. However, despite exchanging ‘I love yous’ in the season finale, their relationship didn’t last. The two went their separate ways, with Teo immersing herself in her love for film, and passionately advocating for causes close to her heart. Rosie, on the other hand, has welcomed a baby boy into her life, and is focused on caring for him.

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