‘Literally no one can argue with this’: Harrison Butker’s nemesis ends the patriarchy in 7 seconds with hot take on ‘women belonging in the kitchen’ SuperNayr

The fallout from Harrison Butker’s controversial commencement speech continues, recently spawning a viral hot take that destroys many of the footballer’s arguments within the span of seven seconds.

For those not following, Butker gave a commencement speech at the graduation ceremony of Benedictine College in May, during which he condemned — among other things — abortion, IVF, surrogacy, euthanasia, and the LGBTQ community. 

Butker’s thoughts on the gay community are pretty rich for someone who makes a living running directly into other men, but he didn’t stop there. Butker also mused (which is perhaps too intelligent of a word) on the “diabolical lies” told to women about their place in society, saying that a woman’s most important role should be as a “homemaker.”

Naturally, snippets of the speech quickly went viral, prompting responses from those who were in the audience and even fellow footballers Travis and Jason Kelce. Now, another person has come out of the woodwork to share a viral hot take response to Butker’s claims, specifically those around women’s role in the home.

Taking to TikTok this week, user @violettrawrxd delivered an incisive message which essentially destroys Butker’s argument, amassing over one million likes and five million views in the process. Citing actual statistics from the US, the TikToker wrote in the now-viral video: “Someone tell me why 77% of professional chefs are men yet women are supposed to be in the kitchen.”

The video plainly lays bare the foolishness of claims like Butker’s, while also pointing to the fact that even industries thought to be run by women are somehow still dominated by men. Users quickly flocked to the comment section to share their agreement, with one writing that they had been “thinking the same thing” and others declaring “no one can argue with this.” 

“This has been my argument for so long,” one user quipped, with another adding that the TikTok creator is “on to something.” It marks just one more development in the ongoing furore over Butker’s speech, which most recently caught the attention of Katy Perry.

Taking to her own social media, the pop star shared a heavily edited video of Butker’s speech, reworking it into words of affirmation for “my girls, my graduates and my gays,” she wrote in the caption. “Fixed it,” she added.

Butker himself addressed the controversy late last month, saying he was shocked by the reaction but does “not regret” sharing his conservative Christian views. As all the dust settles, I guess it’s a question of whose side you’re on; a beloved pop star who birthed hits like “California Girls,” or a Christian who can’t seem to find his razor.

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