Lionsgate, Abundantia Entertainment, And EFAR Films Collaborate For Dual Film Venture In India – DEETS Inside! SuperNayr

Lionsgate, a prominent global entertainment company, is teaming up with EFAR Films, a content development firm, and Abundantia Entertainment, India’s leading content producer, to present two thrilling movies to Indian audiences.

The first film, an action-comedy, promises an exhilarating blend of thrills and humour, while the second is a romantic comedy featuring endearing characters.

Current  Status Of These Two Exciting Projects

Well, it has been revealed that the two projects are rom-com and action-com. Both of them are in their initial stages of development.

Yes! Both projects are currently in the scripting phase, with top-tier creative talent being assembled to lead each production.

Lionsgate India also announced the collaboration on their official X handle and wrote, “Super excited to announce our partnership with @Abundantia_Ent and #EFARFilms to bring a new wave of stories filled with thrills, laughter, drama, comedy, romance & much more! Cheers to new beginnings.”

What Lionsgate, Abundantia Entertainment, And EFAR Films Said 

Rohit Jain, President of Lionsgate Play Asia, expressed excitement about the collaboration, highlighting the company’s commitment to delivering culturally resonant films worldwide. He emphasised the significance of compelling storytelling and praised the creative vision of their partners, Abundantia Entertainment and EFAR Films.

Vikram Malhotra, Founder & CEO of Abundantia Entertainment, affirmed the company’s dedication to producing high-quality, culturally relevant content with global appeal. He welcomed the opportunity to collaborate with Lionsgate and EFAR Films, aligning the upcoming films with their vision of engaging storytelling.

Kavita Sharma Gandhi, Founder & CEO of EFAR Films, expressed delight in joining forces with Lionsgate and Abundantia Entertainment. She emphasised EFAR Films’ commitment to crafting stories rooted in Indian culture while possessing universal appeal. Gandhi looked forward to collaborating with their partners to create a memorable cinematic experience through these projects and their unique partnership.

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