LeBron James Thanked Fans For The Outpouring Of Support For Bronny And Says ‘Everyone Doing Great’ SuperNayr

The sports world woke up to shocking news earlier this week that Bronny James had gone into cardiac arrest during practice at USC on Monday and had to be taken to the ICU. By Tuesday morning, Bronny had been moved out of the ICU and was in stable condition, per the family’s official statement.

In the immediate aftermath, fans and other athletes sent the James family messages of love and support, including Bills defensive back Damar Hamlin, who offered to provide support for Bronny throughout his recovery process having gone through the same thing earlier this year. There had been no official updates or statements from the James family for the past 48 hours since the initial news was released, but on Thursday LeBron took to Twitter to thank everyone for the outpouring of support they’ve gotten and to provide a brief update, noting “everyone doing great.”

As James notes, the whole family is now together “safe and healthy,” which is obviously terrific news, and he notes they’ll have more to say in the future once they are ready. For now, he wanted to let everyone know they had seen all the love and appreciated it immensely, and hopefully the updates will continue to be positive on Bronny’s recovery from a terrifying situation.

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