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How’s that famous The Dark Knight quote go? “You either a die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become a villain.” Well, that might turn out to be eerily prophetic about the future of Marvel and DC if a rumored Kang casting comes about.

Speaking of Marvel and DC, the never-ending war between the kings of comic books wages on, but the MCU’s Distinguished Competition slipped in a surprising victory as the battle of 2023 drew to a close…

Aquaman 2 earning 120% of The Marvels‘ total earning in just two weeks is the MCU’s 2023 in a nutshell

Jason Momoa's Arthur Curry from the Aquaman poster superimposed over a poster for The Marvels
Images via Warner Bros. Pictures/Marvel Studios

Who’d have thunk it? What with the downfall of the DCEU and all the Amber Heard drama, if you’d asked folks what they thought would be the biggest superhero movie bomb of 2023 last January they probably would’ve said Aquaman 2. And yet, against all the odds, the Jason Momoa stinker of a sequel has managed to swim past the total box office gross of The Marvels with ease. It’s just over two weeks into its theatrical run and it’s already earned $250 million worldwide, as opposed to the Brie Larson’s flick’s paltry $199 million cume. Marvel might suddenly be glad DC won’t be releasing another film until July 2025’s Superman: Legacy.

Rumor has it, Marvel could find Jonathan Majors’ replacement as Kang in DC’s latest Batman actor

Kang the conqueror
Image via Marvel Studios

Take this with a fistful of salt, but the latest rumors on Marvel’s quest to find a new big bad for the Multiverse Saga, in the face of Jonathan Majors’ firing, indicate that they might be sticking with Kang after all and simply recasting the part. And the alleged top choice for the rebooted role is winning over fans in their legions: it’s Fear the Walking Dead‘s Colman Domingo. Funnily enough, the Emmy and Tony Award-winning star was just recently cast in his first ever superhero part — he’s voicing Batman in Spotify’s The Riddler: Secrets in the Dark podcast. At 20 years Majors’ senior, Domingo’s casting would also skirt the pesky canon issues with recasting the character. Basically, if Marvel isn’t taking this route already, it should start.

Does What If…?‘s season 2 ending tell us when and where God Loki will return?

The Watcher and Captain Carter stand before Yggdrasil from Loki season 2
Screencap via Marvel Studios/Disney Plus

There’s a lot to unpack in that final scene of What If…?‘s season 2 finale, which managed to cap Marvel’s 2023 on a higher note than The Marvels. Are the Watcher and Captain Carter going to team up to right wrongs across the multiverse? Is Peggy going to form her own Exiles team? And, most importantly, does that final shot of Yggdrasil from Loki‘s own season 2 finale suggest that God Loki will return after all, specifically in What If…? season 3? As less than ideal as things may be for the MCU right now, don’t forget that Marvel’s multiverse is becoming bigger and more intricate all the time.

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