Latest Marvel News: ‘The Marvels’ $1 billion box office dreams are already derailed as ‘Secret Invasion’ shock makes a mockery of ‘Avengers: Endgame’ SuperNayr

Fun fact: The Marvels was, at one point, due to release this July 28, meaning we’d already be tucking into the long-awaited Brie Larson sequel this very weekend, instead of having to hold on another several months until it eventually hits theaters in November. Not only is this delay bad for impatient Marvel people, though, it could also end up seriously hurting the movie’s box office take, as it looks like the film is on course to loose out on a seriously lucrative source of revenue.

The Marvels theatrical release twist means it’s in real danger of taking a significant hit at the box office

Brie Larson as Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel in 'The Marvels'
Screenshot via Marvel Studios

For once, Warner Bros. could actually have a negative impact on a Marvel Studios release, although it’s still not a DC movie. With Dune: Part Two still clinging onto its November release date, it’s been confirmed that the plan is for it to hog all the IMAX screens, meaning that The Marvels won’t receive this treatment this Fall. As Marvel films are among the most popular IMAX releases around, this could have a massive knock-on effort for its global gross, therefore it may be doomed to fall short of Captain Marvel‘s $1.1 billion. Unless one, or even both, of the movies is pushed back once again.

Secret Invasion director confirms what we suspected about Rhodey is correct, even if it makes no sense

don cheadle rhodey war machine
Image via Marvel Studios

The Secret Invasion finale left us with the distinct impression that Rhodey might just have been a Skrull ever since Captain America: Civil War. But that would just be too long a stretch of time to be following an imposter, right? Well, apparently, that is exactly Marvel’s intention, according to director Ali Selim, who has spoiled the big secret that we assumed we’d have to wait until Armor Wars to get clarified. If this is accurate, it means Rhodey’s been a fake for half of his entire MCU journey, which may make for an interesting arc for him in his own film but renders any emotional moment with War Machine since 2016 obsolete.

Is The Marvels delay to blame for the failure of the Secret Invasion finale?

secret invasion
Image via Marvel Studios

As said above, The Marvels was once set to release this July, but before that it had four other release dates going back to last July. So we’re left to wonder: was Secret Invasion originally intended to be a sequel to The Marvels and not a prelude to it? We know the show endured a lengthy four-month reshoot period last Fall, so it’s very possible the finale and the second half of the series overall were significantly reworked once Marvel realized it was going to have to switch their order in the canon. If you ask us, the initial plan was to give Secret Invasion one heck of a killer ending…

More Marvel news — like a Spider-Man crossover being sneakily removed from Secret Invasion — arrives all the time, so don’t miss it lest you fall behind in class.

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