Latest Marvel News: Ryan Reynolds hijacks ‘The Marvels’ big day as ‘Loki’ season 2 turns the clocks back to before it lost 39% of its viewership SuperNayr

“Incursions” — different realities bleeding together — is one of the big buzzwords of the MCU’s Multiverse Saga, but we’ve got a real-life incursion of our own to contend with this week as three different Marvel Studios projects are vying for our attention.

With Loki‘s season 2 finale hitting Disney Plus and The Marvels getting advanced screenings in theaters on the same day, another MCU movie we’re all extremely excited for also just got a big break. Let’s proceed.

Deadpool 3 and Venom 3 can finally run free thanks to SAG-AFTRA strike deal

hugh jackman ryan reynolds deadpool 3
Screengrab via YouTube/Ryan Reynolds

Yes, it’s finally happening: SAG-AFTRA has made a deal with the studios, and so the actors’ strike is coming to an end. This means that the many Hollywood productions that had to shut up shop over the summer can now recommence work post-haste. For Marvel fans, this is a huge deal, as the list includes both Marvel’s Deadpool 3 and Sony’s Venom 3. Isn’t it a wonderful thing that now writers and performers are free to produce innovative, creative content like third entries in rebooted superhero sagas?

Ryan Reynolds swipes the mike on The Marvels Day to make a major release date announcement

ryan reynolds deadpool 3 teaser wearing his Deadpool 2 grey suit and typing away on a typewriter
Photo via Ryan Reynolds’ Twitter

So with Deadpool 3 now able to go before cameras again, the Merc With the Mouth himself, Ryan Reynolds, wasted no time in raising the hype for the threequel once more, by revealing its new release window. Yes, DP3 is now on its way in Summer 2024 as opposed to Spring. As if that’s not exciting enough, we also got our first look at someone who’s now destined to be your new favorite character in the movie, Taylor Swift’s Dazzler be damned. Meet Dogpool; multiversal superhero, social media influencer, and very good doggo.

Loki season 2 finale clip reminds us of happier times for the MCU — six weeks ago

Amid Deadpool 3 hype and early The Marvels showings, let’s not overlook the Loki finale too. And the first clip from it is making us weirdly nostalgic… for a month and a half ago. As Loki travels back to the events of the season premiere, it’s easy to get wistful for a time before all those bombshell developments about the MCU’s behind-the-scenes turmoil, before The Marvels opened to a terrible Rotten Tomatoes score, and before Loki season 2 itself lost 39% of its viewership as the weeks rolled by. Siri, how do I learn to time-slip?

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