Latest Marvel News: Oscar Isaac’s job being in danger is an unexpected twist as Daniel Radcliffe’s dream of a ‘Deadpool’ debut gets upstaged SuperNayr

So much of the future of the MCU is uncertain, with virtually all of Marvel’s current roster of heroes being stuck in a holding pattern as we await to find out where they could show up next. Like Oscar Isaac‘s Moon Knight, for example.

Well, don’t look now, Oscar, but it seems like someone might be about to pinch your all-important role in Marvel lore. But, hey, at least there’s no uncertainty about X-Men ’97, which is fast approaching…

X-Men ’97 is coming to make the biggest Marvel wave on Disney Plus since fall 2022

The X_Men team in their very 90s sports gear in the X-Men '97 trailer
Image via Marvel Animation

There are many reasons to be excited for X-Men ’97. It’s a continuation of a beloved animated series, it’s the first X-Men title made by Marvel Studios, and it’s a chance to see Cyclops and co. in their beautifully ’90s gym gear. Also, it’s set to be the lengthiest Marvel experience we’ve had on Disney Plus for years. With its release schedule consisting of 10 weekly episodes stretched across nine weeks, it’ll be the longest-lasting streaming series the MCU has given us since She-Hulk dropped weekly from August-October 2022. With X-Men ’97 stretching from March to May, that should tide us over nicely until July’s Deadpool & Wolverine.

Harry Potter and Games of Thrones star may have already made their secret Marvel debut

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows part 2
Photo via Warner Bros. Pictures

Speaking of Deadpool & Wolverine, a rumor that everyone wants to come true states that Daniel Radcliffe could turn up in this year’s big superhero blockbuster. In addition, another new bit of scuttlebutt claims that one of Radcliffe’s former Harry Potter co-stars is also on their way to the MCU. Game of Thrones vet Natalia Tena is supposed to have secretly been cast in an upcoming project and has even shot some scenes. That’s all we know for now, as the identity of both the project and her character have yet to be revealed. Now might not be the best time for Marvel to even vaguely step toward the direction of J.K. Rowling, though.

Moon Knight no more? Oscar Isaac’s hero might have lost his mantle to the last hero you’d expect

Oscar Isaac in Moon Knight
Image via Marvel Studios

While we and Hideo Kojima eagerly await news on Moon Knight season 2, an intriguing rumor alleged that Marc Spector might not be the Fist of Khonshu for much longer. According to the latest intel on Marvel Zombies — don’t forget, that animated miniseries is still a thing — another character will be the Moon God’s go-to guy in that show. You’ll never guess who it is — Mahershala Ali’s Blade, who was previously reported to appear in the series in what could be his first full-on MCU debut. If this is setting up a Moon Knight vs. Blade battle in some future project, we are A-OK with that. If Isaac isn’t coming back, though, then Marvel’s about to make a lot of fans angry. And you won’t like them when they’re angry…

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