Latest Marvel News: Jonathan Majors drama confirmed to curse next 2 MCU releases as ‘The Marvels’ Disney Plus debut doesn’t go as expected SuperNayr

It’s always one step forward, two step back for Marvel‘s Multiverse Saga. The step forward? The Marvels is finally on Disney Plus, and it’s leading to some exciting developments that may suggest it’s going to go down as something other than the MCU’s worst ever movie. The two steps back? Its streaming release also has us worrying about Brie Larson’s franchise future more than ever. And it turns out the Marvel universe isn’t as entirely out from Jonathan Majors‘ shadow as it may appear.

Jonathan Majors still haunts the MCU as latest developments in his sentencing coincide with key Marvel releases

Kang the Conqueror Quantumania poster/Jonathan Majors steps out of a car
Kang via Marvel Studios, Majors photo Photo by MEGA/GC Images

Jonathan Majors may have been fired by Marvel immediately upon his domestic assault conviction in December, but the MCU still apparently can’t avoid being overshadowed by the latest twists and turns in the actor’s legal troubles. Just as his initial trial coincided with the releases of Loki season 2 and The Marvels in theaters, Majors caused waves by failing to turn up to court for his sentencing on Feb. 6, the eve of The Marvels hitting streaming. Majors’ sentencing has now been rearranged to April 8. And it just so happens that predictions indicate X-Men ’97 will arrive on Disney Plus across March and April. In short, we might not see him on screen again, but the impact of Majors is sure to be felt on the MCU for a long while to come.

The Marvels hits Disney Plus, wins widespread adoration, and teases Brie Larson is done as Captain Marvel

Brie Larson as Carol Danvers in 'The Marvels'
Image via Marvel Studios

So The Marvels is now on Disney Plus, and there is a lot to unpack. First of all, the recent flurry of newfound support for the film from when it debuted on digital has continued and then some following its streaming arrival. What’s more, its apparent importance to the future of the Multiverse Saga has just been massively hyped up thanks to The Making of The Marvels special that just dropped alongside the movie. Unfortunately, it’s not all sunshine and roses as that same documentary features Brie Larson casting doubt on whether she’ll even be back as Carol Danvers at all. The good news is The Marvels might not be the last MCU movie fans will rewatch, but it might turn out to be Larson’s last MCU movie period.

Daredevil: Born Again is either very bad at keeping its secrets or very good at misleading us

Bullseye in Daredevil Born Again
Photo via Netflix/Marvel Studios/ Remix via Apeksha Bagchi

Marvel is either playing a very discerning or dumb game with Daredevil: Born Again. With production taking place on the streets of New York, set photos have flooded social media revealing everything from Daredevil’s new suit to Wilson Bethel finally in a Bullseye costume. The thing is, though, Marvel fans are smart and it’s not taken much to put two and two together and speculate that a major, and controversial, moment from the comics could be about to be adapted. I mean, they’re really laying the evidence on thick. But is Marvel employing some ingenius subterfuge here, deliberately planting supposed spoilers in order to get the fans talking and paying attention at a time when the MCU really needs it? Or has poor production planning resulted in secrets being spilled far too soon? Maybe the show’s new investigative journalist/potential Spider-Man pal can discover the truth.

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