Latest Marvel News: ‘Deadpool 3’ Wolverine return looks set to make dreams come true as the MCU unleashes worst possible ‘Star Wars’ crossover SuperNayr

Echo has landed on Disney Plus, finally delivering the inaugural entry in the MCU’s new Marvel Spotlight banner for standalone projects — despite the fact it’s a sequel to Hawkeye and a prelude to Daredevil: Born Again.

And, if you think about it, Echo is also a surprise successor to a certain Star Wars we’re all trying to forget existed (and maybe some have succeeded). Meanwhile, speaking of wild crossovers, the latest teases for Deadpool 3 promise everything we could ask for from Hugh Jackman’s return as Wolverine.

Kevin Feige is forbidding a Star Wars crossover, but Echo is Disney Plus’ spiritual sequel to The Book of Boba Fett

Maya Lopez (Alaqua Cox) poses on a motorcycle in a promo image for Echo .
Photo via Marvel Studios

What If….? wasn’t allowed to make a Marvel/Star Wars crossover episode in which Luke Skywalker joins the Avengers (no joke, that was a genuine pitch), but apparently the eerie similarities between Echo and The Book of Boba Fett slipped Kevin Feige by. Both limited series feature an anti-hero whose starring vehicle is hijacked by tie-ins and set-up for another upcoming show, leaving the whole thing suffering from bad critical buzz. At least Boba Fett gave us some great memes to remember it by, though. Let’s hope Echo makes enough of an impact so it isn’t reduced to just being Daredevil season 3.5.

Deadpool 3 leaked concept art appears to reveal our first look at Wolverine’s gloriously comics-accurate helmet

Classic Hulk vs. Wolverine cover
Image via Marvel Comics

2024 belongs to X-Men fans. Not only does April deliver the X-Men ’97 animated series but Deadpool 3 is Marvel’s big summer blockbuster (not to mention its only movie release of the year). We’re still waiting on a trailer — although rumor has it one is coming at the Super Bowl — but an intriguing bit of allegedly leaked concept art (see Reddit) may reveal our first look at Wolverine’s helmet in the film. Guys, it’s everything you could want it to be. The black eye-ear appendages even look like two Batman silhouettes kissing, it’s beautiful. Now we just need this to be how it actually looks in the movie. Roll on, July 26!

James Gunn’s DCU gains yet another win over the MCU with confirmation of in-canon games

A serious-looking James Gunn superimposed over a dark-hued image of Superman from the 'Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League' game
Photo via Kevin Winter/Getty Images/Image via Rocksteady

How can James Gunn’s DCU mark itself apart from the MCU? By finding a whole new way to build out a cinematic universe, that’s how. Gunn himself had teased this a while back, but now we have confirmation from Warner Bros. Games that future DC game releases will be set within the canon of the DCU, branching out into a whole new medium that Marvel Studios has yet to conquer. There are definitely challenges to this, as the development periods for games are so much longer than movies, but this is certainly exciting news for fans and another reason for why the eternal battle between Marvel and DC could have a new victor come, say, 2030.

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