Latest Marvel News: ‘Deadpool 3’ spoils the truth about Hugh Jackman’s return as DC prepares to poach the star of a $845 million instant MCU classic SuperNayr

The Multiverse Saga sure is doing a real number on MCU continuity, isn’t it? Sorry for those who don’t care about the nuts and bolts of Marvel canon, but honestly, if you’re here reading this then you probably do.

Loki has torn apart the Sacred Timeline and rebuilt it anew, first we were told the Defenders Saga wasn’t canon but then we were told that it was, and let’s not even get started on She-Hulk punching holes through the fourth wall. Speaking of, things are bound to get even more canon-crazy when Deadpool 3 releases this July. And the proof is already here…

New Deadpool 3 synopsis confirms Wade and Wolverine are about to tear up the MCU

Hugh Jackman's Wolverine from X-Men: Days of Future Past superimposed over Deadpool 3 sneak peek image featuring Ryan Reynolds and Jackman in costume.
Images via 20th Century Fox/Marvel Studios

You’d better believe Deadpool 3 is going to be Marvel’s first R-rated movie — even its synopses are for mature eyes only. A new Japanese plot summary for the threequel deploys the shocking bombshell that it will see the “f***ing irresponsible hero Deadpool change the history of the MCU with Wolverine.” Excuse me, he’ll what now? Does Kevin Feige know about this? If Deadpool 3 repeats the ending of The Flash and has George Clooney turn up as Iron Man in the final frame, it had better make all the money. If anyone can erase Marvel’s box office troubles from the timeline, it’s Deadpool.

Captain America: Brave New World‘s new suit for Sam Cap gives up its secrets too soon

Anthony Mackie's Sam Wilson wields the Captain America shield superimposed over an orange-hued poster for Avengers: Endgame
Images via Marvel Studios/Remix by Christian Bone

Ah, merch: both Marvel’s greatest money-maker and its biggest bane. Thanks to a rogue snap that’s made its way online, we’ve now got our first look at the new superhero suit worn by Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson in Captain America: Brave New World. As you’d expect, reactions are split down the middle, like Steve Rogers’ shield after Thanos had a go at it. Partly that’s because Sam only got to wear his last one for just five minutes at the end of Falcon and the Winter Soldier and we all liked it. Sure, it’s a brave new world but we would’ve been fine with a familiar old suit.

Guardians 3‘s James Gunn and Zoe Saldaña seem all but confirmed to reunite in the DCU

Zoe Saldana as Gamora superimposed over a blue-hued still from the DCEU intro.
Images via Marvel Studios/DC Studios/Remix by Christian Bone

The one shining light of Marvel’s misshapen 2023 was Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, which earned a whopping $845 million at the box office. The only problem is that writer/director James Gunn has since hopped to DC, and it looks like he’s taking his Guardians with him. Gamora herself Zoe Saldaña has admitted she would love to work with Gunn again on a new superhero project, while Gunn has similarly admitted that he’s already got some roles for her in mind. Add in Sean “Kraglin” Gunn playing Maxwell Lord and persistent rumors Chris Pratt could be Booster Gold, and it seems likely that the entire Guardians team could reassemble one day… Just not in the MCU. Oh well, if it does happen, blame Deadpool for messing with the timeline.

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