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Laapataa Ladies has emerged as a standout Bollywood film of the year, earning praise for its unique storyline and compelling performances.

Directed by Kiran Rao and produced by Aamir Khan, the movie initially hit cinemas on March 1, delighting audiences with its narrative. Following its successful theatrical run, the film gained further recognition upon its release on OTT platforms.

Recently, Netflix India, the streaming partner for the film, unveiled a previously unreleased scene, much to the excitement of fans.

This Laapataa Ladies DELETED Scene Is Winning Hearts

The deleted scene, shared on Netflix India’s official Instagram account, features Ravi Kishan portraying Inspector Shyam Manohar. In the scene, Inspector Manohar engages in a discussion with fellow police officers regarding a case involving missing women.

Notably, the conversation includes a reference to Rajesh Khanna’s iconic 1969 film Ittefaq, adding an intriguing layer to the narrative. Additionally, the scene highlights the talent of Durgesh Kumar, known for his role in the popular web series Panchayat.

While the scene offers an engaging glimpse into the film’s storyline, fans were left wondering why it was omitted from the final cut.

Upon its release, the deleted scene quickly gained traction on social media, with fans expressing their delight in the comments section. One enthusiastic fan shared, “My whole life’s purpose is to convince people to watch Laapataa Ladies if they have not already seen it,” accompanied by laughter emojis.

Another praised Durgesh Kumar’s performance, remarking, “Durgesh Kumar in ‘Banrakas’ mode in this movie too,” followed by laughter emojis.

Commending Ravi Kishan’s portrayal, another fan expressed, “You have taken the cake amongst the entire cast performances. This will be remembered for a long time,” alongside a red heart and clap emoji.

About Kiran Rao’s Film

Laapataa Ladies follows the story of Deepak and Phool, newlyweds travelling by train to Mukhi, Deepak’s hometown. However, a mix-up occurs when Phool is mistakenly swapped with another bride on the same train, leading to a series of unexpected events.

Directed by Kiran Rao and produced by Aamir Khan, the film stars Deepak Shrivastava, Nitanshi Goel, and Pratibha Ranta, alongside Ravi Kishan in a pivotal role.

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