Khris Middleton Got A Triple-Double After Pleading With Doc Rivers To Let Him Stay In And Score A Point SuperNayr

This might come as a bit of a surprise considering how good he’s been for the Milwaukee Bucks over the course of his tenure, but entering Sunday’s game against the Oklahoma City Thunder, Khris Middleton had only recorded one triple-double in his career. That did end up changing in the Bucks’ 118-93 win over Oklahoma City, although it took a little convincing on Middleton’s part.

With the Bucks up 107-86 in the fourth quarter, Doc Rivers wanted to empty his bench and get his starters out of the game. Middleton was among them, but he noticed that he was only one point away from getting a triple-double — he already had 10 assists and 10 rebounds. As such, he asked Rivers to keep him in, he got the chance, and on the ensuing possession, he hit a jumper to get to 11 points.

“I said a little word to Doc, I was feeling it – I guess you could say,” Middleton said after the game, according to Lori Nickel of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “I realized I was one point away; I could be in control, I could hopefully knock down the jump shot, like I did tonight.”

Fortunately things ended up working out well for Rivers here, as Middleton immediately committed a transition take foul after this and went to the bench.

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