Kelly Clarkson Finally Admits To Using Weight Loss Drug To Slim Down — But Won't Say Which One! SuperNayr

Kelly Clarkson had some help losing all that weight!

The American Idol alum has dropped a ton of pounds in recent months. For a while there, she chalked it up to far better diet, more proteins and vegetables, and more exercise. But as it turns out now, she was actually using a weight loss drug to help the process along, too. She admitted as much this week — but didn’t say which one!

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During Monday’s episode of her daytime TV juggernaut The Kelly Clarkson Show, the 42-year-old singer-slash-host sat down for a chat with Whoopi Goldberg. As soon as the Sister Act star came on stage, Kelly marveled at how great she looked — and how much weight Whoopi has lost! Kelly said this to the 68-year-old actress:

“Every time I run into you, you look younger! You’re like Benjamin Button. It’s like crazy every time you walk in!”

Thankful for Kelly for noticing, the co-host of The View replied:

“First of all, it’s all the weight I’ve lost. I’ve lost almost two people. I am doing that wonderful shot that works for folks who need some help, and it’s been really good for me.”

No kidding!

Then, the convo turned to Kelly. The Since U Been Gone crooner admitted that she’s lost “a lot” of weight in recent months. (She previously told Extra TV that the cumulative loss has been upwards of 60 pounds.) After Whoopi admitted that the type 2 diabetes weight loss drug Mounjaro was the aid that got her slim, Kelly admitted that she, too, had some medical help! Without naming names, she said the weight loss was NOT aided by Ozempic, and explained:

“Mine is a different one than people assume, but I ended up having to do that too because my bloodwork got so bad.”

Wow! So if it wasn’t Ozempic, what was it?! Mounjaro? Wegovy? And why not reveal?! Is she working on a brand deal with the pharma company that helped her and keeping it under wraps for now??

Anyways, the daytime talk queen went on to explain that she pushed back against using a weight loss drug for quite a while before finally giving in to her doctor’s requests:

“My doctor chased me for two years, and I was like, ‘No, I’m afraid of it. I already have thyroid problems. Everybody thinks it’s Ozempic, but it’s not. It’s something else. It’s something that aids in helping break down the sugar. My body doesn’t do it right.”


The loss has been stunning, regardless of the method used. Kelly admitted to the EGOT winner during their interview that her heaviest weight was at 203 pounds as a 5’3″ woman. Things got so bad that Clarkson became concerned with how people viewed her, and what they thought of her:

“It’s funny because people assume, ‘Oh she must have been miserable and depressed or whatever,’ and I was like, ‘No, I was not.’”

But she’s got a new outlook now! You can see Kelly and Whoopi discuss weight loss, fitness, health, and more during their conversation (below):

Reactions, Perezcious readers?? We’re very happy that she’s healthy, energetic, and loving this new look and fitness level!! (And Whoopi, too! What an achievement!)

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