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Speed 3 Could Be in Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock’s Future

Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock both seem pretty open to the idea of a possible Speed 3 in which the pair would re-team.

As Keanu Reeves character said in trailers for 1994’s Speed, “Pop quiz, hotshot.” Would you rather see Keanu and Sandra Bullock make a new project together or rekindle the magic they made in the aforementioned 1994 film? While that film’s chief heavy, Dennis Hopper, has passed away, there could be another villain that could fuel a successful sequel to the brilliant action film that was Speed. Reeves is open to the idea of reprising his role as Jack Traven from the original if a really great script came along while the prospect of another picture seems to be on Bullock’s bucket list, for sure. Bullock portrayed the woman who spent a lot of time driving the bus In the first film, Annie Porter.

Speed 2: Cruise Control from 1997 was a misfire that tried to propel Jason Patric to stardom in Keanu’s place as the heroic lead of the movie. But  despite a “PG-13” rating, that film didn’t live up to the “R-rated” box-office bonanza which was the original Speed. Still, Bullock and Reeves think they have what it takes to re-ignite the fire that made the first film such a smashing success some 30 years ago.

Reeves believes if the two performers paired up again, they’d “knock it out of the park.” Reeves didn’t like the script of the sequel from 1997 that was made but if something “great” was there, he’d most likely jump at the opportunity. Bullock wants to make another project with Reeves like Speed 3 while she’s still making movies and before she gets too old.

The original Speed took in $121 domestically and an astonishing $229 million internationally at the box-office. In contrast, Speed 2: Cruise Control only made a fraction of the original with $48 million domestically and $115 million overseas. The CinemaScores for both films were like night and day. An “A” was received for the first picture while the second Speed picture got a poor “B-.”

Bullock and Reeves made magic together again in 2006’s romantic drama, The Lake House, which made $52 million domestically and $62 million abroad on a smaller budget than that of the second Speed movie from 1997 which fizzled big-time, as previously stated. Even The Lake House got a better CinemaScore than Cruise Control did with a solid “B” grade received for the 2006 picture.

What is the probability of a Speed 3 actually happening? With Reeves coming off excellent box-office grosses for his John Wick movies, I’d say there’s a definite possibility that it could become a reality in the not-too-distant future. But, you’d need a baddie as good as Dennis Hopper was to make it work out as well as fans are hoping it will.

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