Kartik Aaryan REVEALS Sacrificing His Acting Fee For Shehzada Amid Debates Over Rising Entourage Costs, Says ‘No One Wants To Load Their Films’ SuperNayr

Actor Kartik Aaryan has joined the growing chorus of voices concerned about the escalating entourage costs in Bollywood. These costs have placed a heavy burden on the Hindi film industry, resulting in pay cuts for below-the-line technicians.

Aaryan emphasised that an actor’s fee is determined by each film’s revenue model, asserting that all should be well as long as the budget’s mathematics add up.

The industry has been grappling with exorbitant star fees and the extravagant demands of actors and their entourages, including makeup artists, hairdressers, stylists, and spot boys, which have severely impacted the film business, leading to inflated budgets and diminished pay for artists in other departments.

Amid This Debate, Kartik Aaryan Reveals He Didn’t Take His Acting Fee For Shehzada

In an interview with Showsha, Aaryan disclosed that he waived his fee while working on last year’s action comedy Shehzada, recognizing the film’s financial constraints.

For his contribution, he was credited as a producer in the Rohit Dhawan-directed movie, which also starred Kriti Sanon.

I got a producer credit in the film because I let go of my fee. I did this when no one was talking about these things. Because they were falling short of finances, I let go off my remuneration. No one writes this about stars. It is not just me, a lot of stars do this and a lot bigger things. There is a simple mathematics. From directors, actors, to producers, everyone wants their films to work. No one wants to load their films. I don’t think anyone thinks, ‘No no, I will charge what I want to, film jaaye bhaad mein (the film be damned)’.”

Bhushan Kumar, the producer of Shehzada, had previously commended Kartik Aaryan, stating that the actor stood by the team during challenging times by forgoing his fee.

Kartik Also Shares His Viewpoint On Current Situation Of Rising Costs

In a recent interview with PTI, Kartik Aaryan elaborated on the financial aspects of film production and distribution. “So, you get an ‘x’ amount of money out of it. If your star value and the entire project’s value gives profit to the entire team, I think then the math adds up. If it doesn’t, then you have to, you should take a cut… It’s a healthy discussion… My whole thing is that mathematics has to add up,” he added.

Last week, various film producer bodies and heads of major talent management agencies in Bollywood initiated the first round of meetings to address the issue of entourage costs.

A source had previously informed Indianexpress.com that several talent management agencies, currently under scrutiny for enabling rising entourage costs, assured the attending producers that they would restructure to develop “possible solutions” and return with a plan.

Filmmakers such as Farah Khan, Kunal Kohli, and actors like Kriti Sanon and Janhvi Kapoor have also expressed their concerns about the matter.

Kartik Aaryan is currently anticipating the release of his upcoming film, Chandu Champion. Directed by Kabir Khan, the movie is scheduled to hit the big screens on June 14.

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