Joo Jong Hyuk Breaks Away From His Celebrity Life In “Frankly Speaking” SuperNayr

JTBC’s “Frankly Speaking” has shared new stills featuring Joo Jong Hyuk!

“Frankly Speaking” is a romantic comedy starring Go Kyung Pyo as Song Ki Baek, a rising news anchor whose life takes a (literally) shocking turn when he is electrocuted in an accident, leading him to develop a strange condition that prevents him from lying. Kang Han Na stars as On Woo Ju, a passionate variety show writer who is willing to do anything to make a program entertaining, while Joo Jong Hyuk plays her ex-boyfriend Kim Jung Heon, a popular trot singer.


Previously, Kim Jung Heon, the beloved “national son-in-law” of mothers nationwide and a “national MC” whose presence guarantees program success, harbored hidden shadows. Despite his impressive background, Jung Heon achieved his status through his own efforts, unaided by his family. Yet, he remained unacknowledged by his judge father, and his past relationship with Woo Ju ended due to his lies.

Following that, Jung Heon made a determined ascent in the unpredictable entertainment industry to win back Woo Ju’s affection. Despite improved finances and circumstances, his efforts proved futile as Woo Ju had already moved on.

Dealing with heartbreak, Jung Heon realized his success felt fleeting. Constant scrutiny and fan encounters took a toll, especially when one fan tried to harm Woo Ju due to excessive admiration for him, leading him to contemplate retirement.

Newly released stills hint at Jung Heon’s vanishing act. Ma Mi Ra (Kim Young Ju), overseeing management, demands, “Where is Kim Jung Heon? Bring him here now!” while desperately searching for him. Meanwhile, still shots reveal Jung Heon’s whereabouts post-disappearance. Spotted in a serene neighborhood, he is enjoying ice cream to beat the heat and playing games with local kids outside a stationary shop, taking a break from his celebrity routine for a regular day. Whether he’s retiring or if his life, dimmed after Ki Baek and Woo Ju, can be reignited remains unknown. Expectations run high for Jung Heon’s concluding tale as he wrestles with belated growth pains.

The next episode of “Frankly Speaking” will air on June 5 at 8:50 p.m. KST.

Meanwhile, watch Joo Jong Hyuk in “The Veil”:

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