John Oliver Admits It Was a ‘Huge Relief’ Clarence Thomas Didn’t Take Resignation Offer, but Also ‘Massively Disappointing’ | Video SuperNayr

Back in February, “Last Week Tonight” host John Oliver made Clarence Thomas an offer: resign from the Supreme Court, and he’d get a new motor home, plus $1 million a year from Oliver himself until one of them died. Thomas had 30 days to accept, but he didn’t, and for Oliver it was both a “huge relief” but also “massively disappointing.”

The offer came at the end of Oliver’s season 11 premiere, with the late night host noting that he and his team spoke to experts about it, and they all agreed “this is somehow legal,” and adding that HBO itself would not be fronting the money on the deal.

Appearing on “Late Night With Seth Meyers” on Monday night, Oliver laughed at the fact that he made the offer, especially considering how his wife reacted (she was not thrilled). So, when Thomas didn’t take him up on it, Oliver had mixed feelings.

“It was both a huge relief and massively disappointing that he didn’t take it,” he admitted to Meyers.

John Oliver

That said, the HBO host also admitted that he’d be willing to make the offer again, even though the original 30-day window has passed.

“As long as he gets out before they’re doing the June decisions, I would be willing to open discussions again,” Oliver said.

So, turning to talk directly to Thomas through the camera, he extended the offer again, formally.

“If you want to get in touch and open up the negotiations again, I still have the contract in the drawer in my desk,” Oliver said. “And I’d be willing to do that. But again, until one of us dies, and hopefully that will be you.”

You can watch part of Oliver’s appearance on “Late Night With Seth Meyers” in the video above.

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